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Aug 2017
Eleazar Junsan
Aug 14 2017 10:01

Hi @jescalan,

We been using roots here at (webriq) for all our projects for quite some time now and I been in task to test the new version. I got some concerns, because I'm running in windows 10 - 32bit operating system and it is really slow it took about 7-9 secs to compile the starter template while in the roots its 1-2 secs. Is this something that can be improve in the future? or is there any lacking configuration that needs to be done in order to gain more speed in working in our projects?


Jeff Escalante
Aug 14 2017 11:42
Hey @eljun, so roots is no longer actively maintained, so unfortunately the answer here is no. However if you are still tied to it and want to check it out and make a PR to try to fix it, I would happily review! In case you haven't seen it yet, roots' successor is spike - same functionality, faster, cleaner, and better.