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Aug 2017
Eleazar Junsan
Aug 15 2017 01:45

Hello @jescalan,

Perhaps I haven't made my comment more clearer sorry for that, yes we understand that roots is no longer actively maintain though we don't have any high level concerns while we are using it. We've heard about spike since you first announce it, but we had been hesitant to migrate all our projects since then.

So I have been task to test out the new spike (successor of roots) for our future projects. The first concern I have found is when I am compiling spike under Windows 10 32bit Operating system it took it 7-9 secs to compile whenever I change something in the layout whereas in the old roots a simple project can only take less than 2 secs to refresh the page.

Pardon for my english. Thanks for your wonderful work.

Jeff Escalante
Aug 15 2017 03:06
ah yeah i have seen some cases when it can be slow on windows for some reason
unfortunately there are very few people using spike that use windows and not one of them has contributed to improve this