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Aug 2017
Eleazar Junsan
Aug 17 2017 02:32
Ah okey, thanks Jeff we are planning to have some hardware upgrade soon so I believe that would sort out the issue. Hoping that you will add some more important plugins for spike specially use for blogs.
Jeff Escalante
Aug 17 2017 04:53
you mean for reading markdown files?
we have built a number of blogs with spike
this plugin does markdown file parsing
however, we very strongly advise against storing content in markdown files, for many reasons
using a database (headless cms) is always a better option
there are adapters for a couple popular headless cms' for spike, such as contentful, dato, and wordpress
Eleazar Junsan
Aug 17 2017 10:52

HellO @jescalan,

Yes I think I understand where you're going at, we been storing plenty of .md files for our blog using the /admin combined with netlify. So far it is manageable, but we are limited to many blogging features such as tagging, feeds, categorize, searching, and so on. I guess this is one of the major disadvantage of roots compare to Hexo & Jekyll. But we have had no regrets in choosing roots to back our cms sites for the past 2 yrs.

Jeff Escalante
Aug 17 2017 18:08
this is a blog made with spike:
full featured, search, categories, etc
this site uses contentful as the back end
it can be done, just depends on the architecture
markdown files are just a bad way to store blog content
a much better way is a relational database