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Sep 2017
Sep 14 2017 04:41
haha thats funny
Sep 14 2017 04:54
Hey Jeff, hope all is well with you. That Spartan site is really impressive, did you build it? My roots site ( is going on 300+ posts now. My code is getting messy and the site is getting slower now that there are 4 URLs of JSON data (wordpress creates a new URL after every 100 posts). Do you think it would be pretty time consuming to switch my site from roots to spike and make it as legit as the Spartan site? I guess my other option would be to switch to wordpress as the front-end. Anyways, thank you for any insight that you could provide!
Jeff Escalante
Sep 14 2017 16:06
Hey Andrew! Yep I did. I think it would be a lot to time consuming for sure, but as you grow the post number it will become impossible to keep it fast while compiling everything. Switching to Hugo will give you some breathing room, and you could still use spike or roots for your assets, but eventually it will get slow as well
The big move is switching from compiling every post, to only compiling a limited number of recent posts, and fetching the rest on demand. This can be done with either build system, but is involved
Switching to straight word press would also solve the problem, but would make the site load slower and be more vulnerable to security issues