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but my public css folder still has scss files and not converted css files
Ben O'Donohue
Are you using roots stand alone or roots with spike?
Tom Kraak
there is to "roots with spike"
spike is the successor of roots
Jeff Escalante
@arbel make sure you have the correct extension and have installed node-sass
Jake Rorrer
Hello! How would I go about including jquery or bootstrap in a roots project?
I'm not seeing anything in the docs about it
Jake Rorrer
Nevermind... figured it out
Tom Kraak
Jake Rorrer
Has anyone done something like css modules with roots? And if so could you point me in the right direction? I'm using scss, and would like to give my css files a local scope with something like modules rather than worrying too much about naming.
Jake Rorrer
Would I need to use something like postcss and css-modules with browserify?
Or is there a simpler way?
Jeff Escalante
i might go with spike for something like this
Eleazar Junsan
hi, jef is http://roots.cx/ already dead? I can't seems to access the site anymore..
Jeff Escalante
oh yeah, unfortunately the domain expired
and its like, more than $100 to renew so i was on the fence about it
then i forgot about it
i should probably just host the site at a different domain thats not as expensive
for now, you can access it at http://roots.netlify.com/
Eleazar Junsan
Yeah, thanks for that we will only now be using roots for our existing projects, but next year all our new projects will be running on spike :D hope we don't migrate again to another compiler :(
Jeff Escalante
i mean, roots is still ok as-is! you are welcome to continue using it
its just not going to be getting new features etc
Oren Mizrahi

"elements are first class citizen" that is great. and there are waitFor... all kind of elements. but what if i need to wait for a javascript event/flag ?
what is the best way to go about it ? basically:


kudos for helpers

Iain Maitland
Jeff Escalante
it was a good run
Mat Jones

For the life of me I cannot get this template to compile. I get :1 SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token, the unexpected token is the first character which is a #. currentDateTime is a custom helper which outputs a formatted timestamp.

Template is defined like:

const defaultChangelogTemplate = `# Release {{releaseNumber}} - {{currentDateTime}}

{{#each entryGroups}}## {{capitalize label}}

{{#each items}}- {{this}}