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Jettro Coenradie
Hard to call yourself an expert :-), but to my knowledge this is not possible @rmdort
Vinay M
ok Noted. Thanks jettro. I am trying to do an Instant search feature with ES. Will check out if there is any other work around.
Hi all! I am working with ES on my node server and ive got a couple of questions. Is this the official ES channel?
Jettro Coenradie
Haha, no sorry, it is the channel for the plugin I have created. But since I am online I might be able to help you out.

Okay, so the issue is translating from SQL to the ES DSL and getting right results. I am essentially trying to do a SELECT * FROM items WHERE ("queryString" IN "tags") AND (date.NOW <= "deadline") OR ("age" >= 18);

With a mixture of ANDs and ORs I believe I should be using the bool query tool from ES? Is it possible to do a multi_match inside a bool query?

Jettro Coenradie
Yes, you can play with the must / must_not and should. You can do any query you want within one of those blocks.
Where could i go to ask some questions about curator (ES related) ?
Jettro Coenradie
I would try stack overflow, usually people respond pretty quick
Ori Newman
someone is here?
Jettro Coenradie
I am now
Ori Newman
Hi, when I use elasticsearch head, I get HTTP 403 for _search
someone knows why and how to fix this?
Jettro Coenradie
You have to tell me a bit more, what is your setup? Anything in the log of elastic? What is the url you are using?
Jettro Coenradie
A 403 free usually means you have no rights, do you have a load balancer in front of your elasticsearch service. Are you running the client remote (not localhost). You might need to do the CORS settings thing.
世外桃源 KPT-D
hi what is the best way to query over indices
Hi everyone
dose elasticsearch-gui work with 5.0.0?
When I attempt to install it via "./elasticsearch-plugin install elasticsearch-gui" I get "ERROR: Unknown plugin elasticsearch-gui"
Jettro Coenradie
No it does not, elasticsearch has removed the option to install as a site plugin. You should be able to run it as a website and connect to elastic remote. I am thinking about what to do for elastic 5 support. Could go for the Kibana plugin, but that is not what I really want.
Fizer Khan (பைசர் கான்)
hey, I want to calculate percentile for response time field. Single documents can have multiple metrics. How do i calculate percentile without writing them as single document? This is the sample data:
When I try the recommended install, i.e., bin/elasticsearch-plugin install jettro/elasticsearch-gui, I get ERROR: Unknown plugin jettro/elasticsearch-gui. Any suggestions?
Hey guys, can I get here any help about ES query ?
Jettro Coenradie
@tiggyboo Sorry I didn't notice your question. Still curious though, what version were you installing the plugin into?
@alexpivtorak I can try :-)
hey i used elastic search in pelias and this error occurred