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    Constantinos Sergiou
    in IOS
    in android is the first one
    Tiago Alves
    how did you add that picture? in an <Image>?
    Constantinos Sergiou
    Tiago Alves
    that image is in the Action Bar?
    Constantinos Sergiou
    nope in Gridlayout
    Tiago Alves
    it looks like you have a tintColor style property
    Constantinos Sergiou
    yes u right
    and it works
    it will not affect Android right?
    Tiago Alves
    I think it is as iOS only thing
    Constantinos Sergiou
    thank you @tralves
    Tiago Alves
    Constantinos Sergiou
    Hello all
    i have a RadListView and it works perferct on android but on IOS is not showing
    Constantinos Sergiou
    <GridLayout height="13%" width="75%" rows="auto" class="currency-list-margin" orientation="horizontal"
                        horizontalAlignment="center" >
                <RadListView #list [items]="currencyInfo" (itemTap)="onCurrencyTap($event)">
                    <ng-template tkListItemTemplate let-item="item" let-index="index">
                        <StackLayout orientation="vertical" verticalAlignment="center"
                                     class="{{ index === currencySelectedIndex ? 'local-currency-selected' : 'local-currency-unselected' }}">
                            <Label horizontalAlignment="center" [text]="item.currency_sign" class="currency-sign"></Label>
                            <label horizontalAlignment="center" [text]="item.currency" class="currency"></label>
                    <ListViewLinearLayout tkListViewLayout scrollDirection="Horizontal" itemInsertAnimation="Default"
    Anyone ever see an error like ReferenceError: Can't find variable: __metadata - I'm getting it for @ObjCClass(SQRDCheckoutControllerDelegate)
    Torbjørn Nerbøvik
    Hello. Does anyone know if its possible to get Wifi signal strength with native script?
    Quality of wifi signal…. Noise, TX rate etc
    Hi All
    I am using NativeScript with Angular and I tried to unit tests my codes but karma always complaining with 'can't find variable: exports'
    Can anyone please help?
    Christoffer Skogh
    anybody here?
    Any knows where the editable datagrid in nativescript is?
    Yashwardhan Pauranik
    Please help me with this question anybody
    Yashwardhan Pauranik
    Hello guys i have a small problem

    `exports.remove = function (args) {

    var target = args.object;
    var index = target.orderId;
    let mytitles = result;
    const vm = target.bindingContext;
    for (var i = 0; i < mytitles.length; i++) {
        if (mytitles[i].orderId === index) {
            mytitles.splice(i, 1);
            vm.set("myTitles", mytitles);

    When i run this code i get vm.set is not a function why is that?

    Vishal Pandey
    Hello, I have been running my {N} project without webpack.. I am using nativescript 4.2.0 and wanted to use webpack
    but while bundling using webpack, it doesn't identify the components path..
    so: tns run android works but tns run android --bundle doesn't..
    anyone has faced similar issues?
    Can anybody help me here over above link?
    Hello all. I am facing this error com.tns.NativeScriptException: Failed to find module: "nativescript-modal-datetimepicker", relative to: app/tns_modules/ while preview but when I release apk file this works fine I dont understand why

    in app.component.html we can use

    <app-header></app-header> (common for all pages)

    But in native script

    <app-header></app-header> (common for all pages)


    this not working., how to fix this?

    Hi All,
    i am trying to use Mapquest from Native Script
    Here is the issue i face
    Hello All, I'm looking to create a shared-code (NG + Nativescript) site/app and am wondering if anyone has a recommendation of process? Does it make more sense to build the entire web version and then add the schematics for the App versions, or the other way around? This is a complex ecomm solution that is an existing website that we're rebuilding and porting from PHP to NG.
    Can anybody help me out here?
    Yashwardhan Pauranik
    Nobody's there?
    Tiago Alves
    you will get better luck at the ns slack
    that's where everybody is
    Hello everyone
    I am new to nativescript. And i am using the vue version! Did anyone have troubles with font icons? I imported a ttf file generated by icomoon and followed all the steps from this official doc. https://nativescript-vue.org/blog/using-fonticons/
    But i am not getting any results.
    The icons dont want to load.
    On console it prints "JS: 'Collections to load: fi' JS: '----------' JS: 'Loading collection \'fi\' from file: ./assets/css/fonixicons.css' "
    But i was expecting to see the .css classes being printed with all icons names on it.
    hey everyone, I'm new here and need help using nativescript sidekick
    i'm trying to build ios apps on a windows device and have put all my info into the ios config settings but i'm getting errors when i try to build the project
    Eder Gomez
    Hello, I have the following error:
    Exception: IOException java.io.IOException: Cleartext HTTP traffic to * not permitted
    I'm running the app from playground on my device with android 9, when I had android 8 I had no problems