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Repo info
    For example, in that case, but instead of having banner-main-title and banner-sub-title I have 'title is-1' and 'title is-3' how can I give a margin to that?
    well I can always use scoped but I was expecting some utility class for it :p
    Norbert Haberl
    Guys ... is this book still accurate ?
    Hey is anyone here?
    Carlo Ascani
    Hi all, I am sure I am doing something wrong, I see a negative margin top and bottom the columns class, what is that for?
    here's what I mean, I really don't understand the purpose of that negative margin, I am surely doing something wrong
    Lean Junio
    Hey guys, does bulma allow flex-direction: column on columns? They all seem to be rows
    Hi, is it possible to use bulma & modals in fullscreen, without js stuff ?
    Brian Minsk
    Where is the most active Bulma community, please?
    Is there any easy way to edit the max-width of the container?
    I was thinking about putting it inside a column, but it doesn't sound right.
    hey can anyone help me with bulma's notification
    Hi All. Scratching head here... I've defined the viewport as described everywhere but Bulma is not rendering anything (hero, form, etc) to use the full width of the screen real estate. Mac here w/Retina display. Can't find anything useful on the net - help?
    WTF, I'm seeing 504 people in membership but mostly questions here without answers being offered. I'm going to bootstrap - see youz.
    ok karen
    Trevor Hunka
    Neil Duffy
    not sure what I've missed, but a site I'm creating, that uses bulma, looked awful under mobile...
    Trevor Hunka
    Not sure what exactly you did wrong or missed, but bulma is great for responsive design.
    We'd have to see the code.
    Or potentially inspect the html through dev tools, but ain't nobody got time for that!
    What is best to use modals with js or pure css? I will be making reply system
    Hey, i have this https://hastebin.com/iqemixiseq.xml how could i pass information in modal?
    Trevor Hunka
    a data attribute
    Neil Duffy
    navbar, when mobile, my navbar end (like a right aligned brand logo) is gone and ends up as a fullwidth item underneath the main navbar
    my navbar only has a single item left, and one right... and I'd like to preserve them regardless of media device
    will i have to ditch the navbar has use a banner of sorts, instead?

    a data attribute

    Users can change that information in inspect element like when reply to comment

    When using a menu list, how would I go about adding an anchor to the right hand side of each li? So far, I have this which is near what I want... but I want the first anchor to be expanded.
        <div class="field has-addons">
            <a class="is-active">foo</a>
            <a class="is-small is-primary">
                <span class="icon is-small">
                    <i class="fas fa-minus"></i>
    Adding flex-grow: 1 to the first anchor does the trick, but perhaps that's not the most appropriate way. For now, I'll do that with a temporary bit of inline css while I wait to see if anyone can come up with a better solution.
    Neil Duffy
    just heads up, my new app is fully responsive now - feedback welcome https://smartpoll.io/vote?poll=NO5Z8FRbjxWitd2jBWLO
    Patryk Szylin
    Has anyone realized that buefy is missing the "is-fluid" modifier on the container class? Or am I doing something wrong ?
    Jannik Malken
    Hi! Maybe this is a stupiud question, but how can I disable any action (hover, file choose dialog) of a file input with name most easily? I am using it wrapped inside a vue base component.
    <div class="file has-name is-fullwidth">
      <label class="file-label">
        <input class="file-input" type="file" name="resume">
        <span class="file-cta">
          <span class="file-icon">
            <i class="fas fa-upload"></i>
          <span class="file-label">
            Choose a fileā€¦
        <span class="file-name">
          Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 15.54.25.png
    Marco Aceti

    hi guys! I am using .sass
    I have imported the "tiles" component:

    @import "bulma/sass/grid/tiles"

    and I have copied the first example from https://bulma.io/documentation/layout/tiles/ but it's not working

    as the tiles component is not imported.
    the examlpe code:
    <div class="container">
            <div class="tile is-ancestor">
                <div class="tile is-vertical is-8">
                    <div class="tile">
                        <div class="tile is-parent is-vertical">
                            <article class="tile is-child notification is-primary">
                                <p class="title">Vertical...</p>
                                <p class="subtitle">Top tile</p>
                            <article class="tile is-child notification is-warning">
                                <p class="title">...tiles</p>
                                <p class="subtitle">Bottom tile</p>
                        <div class="tile is-parent">
                            <article class="tile is-child notification is-info">
                                <p class="title">Middle tile</p>
                                <p class="subtitle">With an image</p>
                                <figure class="image is-4by3">
                                    <img src="https://bulma.io/images/placeholders/640x480.png">
                    <div class="tile is-parent">
                        <article class="tile is-child notification is-danger">
                            <p class="title">Wide tile</p>
                            <p class="subtitle">Aligned with the right tile</p>
                            <div class="content">
                                <!-- Content -->
                <div class="tile is-parent">
                    <article class="tile is-child notification is-success">
                        <div class="content">
                            <p class="title">Tall tile</p>
                            <p class="subtitle">With even more content</p>
                            <div class="content">
                                <!-- Content -->
    maybe I need to add some other component from the sass?
    if I import the complete bulma.css file it works. what I've missed?
    hi guys, please help center this block vertically, it centers perfectly horizontally, but I can't seem to center it vertically
    <div className="columns is-desktop is-centered is-vcentered">
          <div className="column is-one-quarter">
            <div className="box">
              // code...
    Abner Soares Alves Junior
    I'm having issues to properly build Bulma locally for developer purposes. I'm following what is in the readme but isn't working properly.
    The changes made in the Bulma root folder isn't reflecting in the docs.
    With npm run start in root folder this happens when I save my file:
      "status": 1,
      "file": "/Users/abner/Projects/bulma/sass/form/checkbox-radio.sass",
      "line": 9,
      "column": 12,
      "message": "Undefined variable: \"$input-hover-color\".",
      "formatted": "Error: Undefined variable: \"$input-hover-color\"
    Omg I love bulma I finally found our hub

    Would that be a good idea to have an issue to replace img tags in documentation from being void elements to their closed variation? eg

    <img src="..." > => <img src="..." />

    Why? Because JSX doesn't recognize void elements and fails to compile sample snippets

    index.js: Expected corresponding JSX closing tag for <img> (152:20)
      150 |                     <p className="image is-32x32">
      151 |                       <img src="https://bulma.io/images/placeholders/128x128.png">
    > 152 |                     </p>
          |                     ^
    Anyone looking to help an open source project ? For the last few years, I have been empowering people to map litter. https://github.com/OpenLitterMap/openlittermap-web is now open source
    Armaan A
    How can I change the default color of the placeholder of a the input element?
    Marek Alexa
    Funny, I joined this group to ask question and from what I can see nobody's question got answer for a while. No need to waste time then.
    Kaitlyn Kenwell
    Is there a way to exclude an item from being placed in the navbar hamburger menu on mobile without putting it in navbar-brand? I have an element that I'd like to place at the end of the navbar, and have it visible on mobile without having to click