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Sep 2016
Robert Luke
Sep 01 2016 07:44

@codles : I can re-produce this system error, although GR (itself) works fine. I'll check this ...

Thanks, let me know if I can help debug somehow or test any proposed fix

Josef Heinen
Sep 01 2016 14:21
@codles : The Julia problem is fixed with the latest GR master. You need the latest run time:"GR")
Josef Heinen
Sep 01 2016 19:32
@ChrisRackauckas : gr() trisurf now draws both the surface and the mesh.
Josef Heinen
Sep 01 2016 19:37
The savefig problems (in Windows) are also fixed. (Transparent) PNGs are now created using the GR self-contained CairoGraphics run-time.
@tbreloff : made a PR for gr() clims support. Will provide the missing color options in a separate commit.