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Oct 2016
Tom Breloff
Oct 07 2016 16:54
hi @jheinen I've been trying to figure out the right way to draw heatmaps in GR. I'd like for any non-finite values (NaN,Inf,-Inf) to be invisible/transparent, and obviously to do it in the most performant way... any suggestions?
it seems that GR.surface with GR.OPTION_HEATMAP breaks with NaNs, and GR.OPTION_CELL_ARRAY works (though with interpolated colors) but draws black for NaNs instead of invisible
i tried going through the GR code, and saw that MISSING_VALUE and BACKGROUND constants are referenced, but I couldn't use that to my advantage
Josef Heinen
Oct 07 2016 18:39
@tbreloff : I'll rewrite a heatmap function ASAP. It's also on top of our wishlist, but I was too busy fixing bugs the last days ...
Tom Breloff
Oct 07 2016 18:42
awesome :tada: thanks @jheinen