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Nov 2018
Fredrik Bagge Carlson
Nov 22 2018 10:05
I'm seeing an issue where, when Juno is launched, GR uses the nice GKSTerm window that can resize and close etc. When I call closeall() and plot a new plot, GR has switched to the GKS5 window which does not allow resizing or closing. Is this a bug/known/intended? I use GR from Plots.jl
Josef Heinen
Nov 22 2018 11:28
This is probably related to Plots. As a workaround, you can force GR to use GKSTerm as the default output device using the GKSwstype environment (in your script or in your shell):
Fredrik Bagge Carlson
Nov 22 2018 11:37
Thanks, ENV["GKSwstype"]="gksqt" didn't change the behavior though :/ Just to clarify, when julia is started, the GKSTerm is activated by default, it only changes once I call closeall