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Tom Vautray
Same thing for me, till now, all I've found is to "./mvnw clean" (windows powershell) and "./mvnw" again
Tom Vautray
I think that the npm error is because when we "npm start", when it opens localhost:9000, because we still didn't "./mvnw", the sent request can't be handled
Tom Vautray
I personnaly have no error when running "./mvnw" first, then "npm start", but I read somewhere that we shall run npm start first, not sure where
Tom Vautray
Thought about it again, [ECONNREFUSED] means that your computer is unable to answer requests, and if the one who says that is "npm start" in prompt, it logically means he received that error, so you have to "./mvnw" elsewere
Tom Vautray
Is it for you as well often failing when executing OneToOne featuring jdl files ?
I mean I did one for UserData <-> User and it works perfectly, but when it comes to two developper created entities, integration tests keep on failing, with some API usage error
Thank you for your help, I got the error because I entered the wrong host
This message was deleted
Hello, I'm getting an OIDC login error and a redirect loop when logging in with Keycloak. I am using Jhipster version 7.4.1
The Keycloak server is correctly configured and running fine with another Jhipster v7.1 project in production.
Frontend endpoint /api/account gives a 401 meaning non-authenticated but I do have a valid token (checked it on jwt.io)
Keycloak backend: shows an open session for the login, seems fine
Spring backend: o.z.problem.spring.common.AdviceTraits : Unauthorized: Full authentication is required to access this resource
I already switched profile dev/prod, switched database H2 to MySQL (which runs without issues on the other Jhipster project).
I tried duplicating the Keycloak client with other client id and secret.
Anyone any ideas?
Solved: switched back from duplicate client to original client. No idea what happened.
Hello everyone, I have a pointless question. I'm trying to understand how microservices communicate with the gateway through the jhipster registry and was hoping someone could explain how it works and share a sequence diagram to help me visualize the process.
Not Found error.PNG
Hi i m facing Not Found error

I am working on adding more authority checks to my tests. The code jhipster/khipster generated looks like following:

    fun createPost() {
        val databaseSizeBeforeCreate = postRepository.findAll().size

        // Create the Post
        val postDTO = postMapper.toDto(post)

        // Validate the Post in the database
        val postList = postRepository.findAll()
        assertThat(postList).hasSize(databaseSizeBeforeCreate + 1)
        val testPost = postList[postList.size - 1]


Is there a way to specify which user is used while invoking the endpoint method without using the @WithMockUser annotation? The annotation does not work for my use case because I want to make multiple requests in one test with varying user roles.

Hello, I try to coding along the book Full Stack Development with JHipster -Second Edition, but they used an older version of JHipster and I had the first issue on chpater 5, when they try change the product listing page and added this line
<div class="btn-group" role="group" jhiSort [(predicate)]="predicate" [(ascending)]="reverse" [callback]="transition.bind(this)">
I google and I saw thatreverse was changed with ascending, but I don't know how to solve the callback function and also filtering with pureFilter pipe is not working anymore. Does somebody found a solution ?:D
Alejandro Matos
if I set "strict": false, then I get s bunch of This rule requires thestrictNullCheckscompiler option to be turned on to function correctly at the beginning of each file (at the import), is there a way to avoid such errors? I'm aware what it does and why it's there, but I want to opt out and I can't seem to bypass that
Gaurav Jain

What is the correct and best way to deploy jhipster applications (registry, gateway and a microservice) to AWS?

If I see JHipster production Deploy to AWS instructions, it looks like I will have to execute jhipster aws commands under each application (gateway, microservice, registry). Is that so? Won't it consume/provision too much resoirces on AWS?

What if I want to deploy all 3 (rgistry, gateway and microservice) on single instance, and so is database (single DB server for bpth gateway and microservice)

Please guide!

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JanKowalski Kowalski
Hi, I have generated backend with admin UI. Is there posibility to make admin UI available only from a localhost but another rest endpoints stay public?
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Vipin Sharma
Hi, I am new to jhipster. I need to develop a new Java monolith application which gets data from relational DB and provides Rest APIs. I have seen some basic examples and jhipster seems to help.
In my use case I have SQLs involving couple of tables (~10) and this data I want to provide in rest APIs.
So far I understand I can model my DB through entities using jdl that will help to generate corresponding Java classes. Now question is how do I generate java classes (repository, rest service, dto etc) for the SQL queries?
Vipin Sharma
if this can be achieved through jhipster is there any example or documentation link you can suggest?
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Is the generator-jhipster-hibernate-envers still valid? I run it and see "welcome to the JHipster Generator v4.14.5" and I get an error " events.js:377 throw er; // unhalded 'error' event". And ask to install hibernate-envers. When I run "npm i -g hibernate-envers", I get E404.
Where in the master.xml can I add liquibase changelogs without jhipster overriding them?
hello, i am new to jhipster.. and I already generated my application with React thanks to Jhipster... Question is : how to continue the React part ? how to not interfere with the current react-hipster lib ... my goal is to align in a Grid some <ValidatedField> of <ValidatedForm> .. Thanks
1 reply
Another question about react-hipster, how to put a default value in a DATE field .. I tried : <ValidatedField defaultValue="20/20/2020"
name="releveDateInterval" data-cy="releveDateInterval"
type="date" ... DOE NOT work ... why ?
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Hey, I need to implement a ldap connection to authenticate and i followed the tips on this page https://www.jhipster.tech/tips/016_tip_ldap_authentication.html, but i can't find the @Inject annotation after adding these dependencies:


I'm using jhipster version: 7.5.0
Thanks in regard!

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Tom Vautray
@Mohsin6166 Is there somthing shown on your prompt(s) when that happens ?
@SiebePeetersPXL may sound idiot but have you ./mvnw again since then ?
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ankit upadhyay
how to run jhipster and react code
1 reply
Hello Guys, I created a microservice with jhipster using a jdl with auth keycloak by default, so I'm wondering if there is any documentation on how to use endpoints with postman and authenticate ? thanks for your help
2 replies
Arleigh Dickerson

Hi folks,

I have enjoyed working with the server-side portion of jhipster and it has been a great jumping off point. However, I am hesitant to use it in production because the builds I get from jhipster's unconventional webpack configuration are nowhere near the quality of builds from create-react-app (the industry standard). I wrote a multi-module gradle project that incorporates the react portion of the source in a separate gradle submodule alongside the traditional monolithic server app. The drawback here is that although I can use the jhipster react boilerplate, I can't use jhipster to generate code for the client because of the location of code in the source tree (src/ vs src/main/webapp/app). Does anyone know a way around this? If there is interest I can also put up an example project with this setup on my github

My hope is that the project authors eventually get around to refactoring the jhipster monolith to use create-react-app because it is now an industry standard
Amine Elmouradi
Hello, I have been trying to deploy a Jhipster application into google cloud using jhsipter gae command but it get stuck after it finishes the prompt. Any one with a similar issue ?
Nguyễn Đạt
Hi. I am try add carousel bootrap to Jhipster. I was install bootrap. But It not run!. Can someone help me?
1 reply
Internaional Network Support & Service - Glas
Hello, I am completly new to JHipster.
Made a microservice app, registry and gateway.
All running until the moment I want to see the created entities (created 1).
If I click entities, it kicks me out of the Gateway and I cannot login anymore.
Re-created the Gateway, but same issue.
Can please someone give me a hint where to look at ?
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Zhiwei Liu
Can someone please help? I got this error when I tried to run generated app: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.h2.server.web.WebServlet
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I want to update to 7.6.0 to get the fixes for Vue.js, however when I run npm update -g generator-jhipster it still has version 7.5.0

I tried uninstalling jhipster and installing, but it is still picking version 7.5.0
I am not inside a jhipster project, I am in my $home directory
Fixed by running npm cache clean --force
Nguyễn Đạt
I used Jhipster for the first time for my small project. But I think I never use it for later projects again.
Is it correct with "^" in front of the version number in the package-lock.json file for version 7.6.0?
Kodis Babu
hi all, i am getting this error while building jhipster.
ERROR in app/main.3cc2a13f092320ac3d86.bundle.js
app/main.3cc2a13f092320ac3d86.bundle.js from Terser plugin
"Import" statement may only appear at the top level [app/main.3cc2a13f092320ac3d86.bundle.js:2313,0]
How to fix this ?
Hey i am trying to generate a page using jhipster page
i run into ERROR! The page sub-generator is not supported for client angularX and i can not find something to resolve this, has somebody had this before?
Hello, looking to add data into both dev and prod databases on initial app startup (so this is perm reference data). I see I can hack fake-data csv files but looking for the proper way to do this. Any help much appreciated :)