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How can I customize generators/react?
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Wes Couch
Hey hows it going. I need to add a custom plugin to my gradle project. I poured over the documentation and looked at the needlestack code. Should I place custom plugins below the needle or above the needle? https://github.com/jhipster/jhipster-sample-app-gradle/blob/main/build.gradle#L24
why do we have
and how does databaseType relates to dev and prodDatabaseType
the later 2 are clear, but why the generic one?
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Hi jhipsters

I'm looking for a tutorial with clear and very detailed examples of how to use Angular primeng on jhipster with the generator.

Thanks in advance for your help

Note that I use the latest version of jhiptser
if you know another module for charts, it's OK for me
Nahuel Soldevilla

Hi JHipsters,

I've recently started experimenting in my project with Angular internationalization format instead of ngx-translate, both because I find the format more easy to work with and also because of the uncertainty about the future of the library (ngx-translate/core#783), and so I wanted to ask if anyone was in the same situation, if there's any important thing I should consider, and also to know if there's been any mention or discussion about this topic, or any ideas about supporting this in the future out-of-box.


Hi everyone, please give me a hand
Hi jhipster man, I'm a new one try to create a blueprint override client and add some features but I have no detail documentation about blue, can I have some document or detail sample about it? any help would be greatly appreciated.
Could someone give me a tip on how to configure jhipster to connect to AD using ActiveDirectoryLdapAuthenticationProvider class using webflux..


I'm new to JHipster. So I'm looking for the best way to do things. The purpose of my use of JHipster is to create a REST API. For this, I would like your opinion on the following issues:

1-) Is JHipster suitable for creating a REST API?

2) If you were to create a rest api, would you use Swagger or would you try to build everything with jhipster? (dto, service, mapper... etc.)

3) Is there an easier way to create a rest api with Java? (without losing advanced features)

Thank you.

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oops 'font' got changed.. sorry
Arturo VM
from 1 to 10, one sucks and 10 is awesome, how do you qualify jhipster for code generator???
Arturo VM
Is there a way to change the way it looks in the frontend, you know, a menu on left, or right, a master-child screen and stuff like that?
Arturo VM
If I have and old development and I want to add new process or whatever, jhipster can do that?
hi everyone, I have some questions about InstantFilter. Just like described in the picture just posted,anybody can help me ? thanks
I'm trying to understand docker in the use of jhipster and encounter an error in the image build. My question is posted here if someone could let me know whats happening, thanks. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/74962734/why-does-this-image-build-error-occur-for-docker-using-jhipster
I am trying to login but error msg displayed.
and I can check this msg like this.
Alejandro Matos
does anyone has idea how filtering works with 7.9.3?
I see a function called this.filters.addFilter(xxx, yyy) in the list folder (frontend) but I don't any docs about it
Tushar Mayor
i'm new to jhipster . i wanted to know if we can create custom pages using jdl file. i found a blog in which there was page and view keyword to create pages , but when i try to implement it throws NoViableAltException. i can not find anything to create custom pages using the jdl. any help would be appreciated
anyone familiar with docker? I'm trying to run container from built image but get following error for registry
9 replies
Bryan Cantwell

I'm still trying desperately to use UUID as id. To expose a 'guessable' bigint id in the URL is not acceptable.
I try the mysql uuid converter and get:

PS D:\jhipster\myApp> yo jhipster-mysql-uuid-converter
Error jhipster-mysql-uuid-converter

Package subpath './generators/generator-constants' is not defined by "exports" in C:\Users\bryan\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\generator-jhipster-mysql-uuid-converter\node_modules\generator-jhipster\package.json

what am Y missing here?

BTW here are all my versions:

PS D:\jhipster\myApp> npm version
'my-app': '0.0.1-SNAPSHOT',
npm: '8.19.2',
node: '18.12.1',
v8: '',
uv: '1.43.0',
zlib: '1.2.11',
brotli: '1.0.9',
ares: '1.18.1',
modules: '108',
nghttp2: '1.47.0',
napi: '8',
llhttp: '6.0.10',
openssl: '3.0.7+quic',
cldr: '41.0',
icu: '71.1',
tz: '2022b',
unicode: '14.0',
ngtcp2: '0.8.1',
nghttp3: '0.7.0'
PS D:\jhipster\myApp> jhipster --version

1 reply
arshdeep kaur
Hello, how can I add feign client in Jhipster generated app using jdl file.
anyone understand why this error occurs? https://stackoverflow.com/q/74997298/9165010
1 reply
hello, anybody tried to configure more than one auth method? like cookies + Jhipster JWT ?
I can create a token, but I'm having troubles when I'm using it
WWW-Authenticate: Bearer error="invalid_token", error_description="An error occurred while attempting to decode the Jwt: Signed JWT rejected: Another algorithm expected, or no matching key(s) found", error_uri="https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6750#section-3.1"
Alejandro Matos

I'm still trying desperately to use UUID as id. To expose a 'guessable' bigint id in the URL is not acceptable.

I would use Postgres as it has native support for UUID. One thing to think about is having UUID is very costly. I have the same issue as you and my approach is to have a public UUID for the entity I need to expose and have bigint as internal PK. It saves a lot of space. In your case the FK must also be UUID and also many entities that won't be exposed will have UUID, again, consuming a lot of db space

anyone understand why this error occurs? https://stackoverflow.com/q/74997298/9165010

all I see is this: Unable to resolve Configuration with the provided Issuer of "http://keycloak:9080/realms/jhipster"

Hey @eveyone , can somebody please help me with prerequisites of Jhipster? I am recently asked to develop a mobile application from scratch with spring boot and React Native. Does Jhipster automatically generates code for you? Or you have to build backend and front end by yourselves? I dont want to have code automatically generated for me. Help will be appreciated.Thanks
2 replies
David Sells
Hello, Does a NHipster application integrate with a JHipster microservice gateway?
3 replies
Timothy Stone
Question about distributing blueprints. I see the concepts on local development and project level blueprints in the .blueprint directory. However, we will be building a blueprint that extends JHipster and builds on specific private directions that we will not be able to publish to the marketplace (themes, some ng archetypes, etc.). This is not really addressed in the documentation, or I'm missing it. Any pro-tips?
2 replies
John Matthew Domantay
Hello, has anybody tried to build docker images for jhipster on Jenkins that is deployed on a k8s cluster? I've been trying to do it but it seems that you can no longger do "docker build" if your builder is deployed to a k8s cluster. I'm currently using version 1.24 of k8s
10 replies
Hi, we're having issues with our gateway (in version 5.7.2) consuming more and more memory, is there a way/reason why the gateway would not garbage collect/keep payloads in cache?
i think we've found out that our gateaway was low on memory and unable to garbage collect while picture uploads kept payloads in memory
Alejandro Matos
has someone got an error like this? The intersection 'IAddress & Omit<IAddress, "id"> & { id: null; }' was reduced to 'never' because property 'id' has conflicting types in some constituents
Alejandro Matos
is when I'm doing this: this.filteredAddress.push(newCustomer);
Hi All, Is there a timeline on the next release? If not, are there any negative implications of updating vulnerable dependencies outside of the normal jhipster upgrade process?
1 reply
Simon Hirscher
Hi is there a good resource or example app which has JWT-Authentication and OAuth2 with Keycloak enabled? Any help would be appreciated.
Alejandro Matos
1 reply
Med Kay
Hi all. What's the proper JDL studio configuration to get
  • a microservice with some entities
  • a gateway with front end that consumes the microservice API ? I dont want my entities to be generated in both gateway and microservice, which is always what happens no matter what. Thanx !
arshdeep kaur
Hello, how can we update already existing entities using jdl file?
Guilherme Moreira
Hello. I inherited a small-ish JHipster 6.5.1 application that hasn't been updated since December 2020. Is there a clear update path to the latest version, or should I follow the update path for every minor release? Thanks in advance.