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Danniels Castillo
Yes, the server starts but when I enter the default admin / admin or user / user credentials it does not enter and gives an error
Ojasva Srivastava
Hi, I am new to Jhipster, can someone please help me to use JHipster UAA, I don't want to use okta or keycloak, I have my oraganisation's IDP
How do I configure it and run
Thomas McCarrron
Whats the plan for the JHispter UAA now that the Spring has depreciated and dropped support for the authorization server?
@erikcvisser_gitlab Thanks for sharing your experience. The plugin is also very old. The latest version of jhipster it was tested was jhipster 5. There were a lot of issues with it back then. Apparently the author is no longer maintaining it. I created an issue and asked if he could update his plugin for 6.5. I hope it comes.
can someone share here a elasticsearch.yml file on which the container is configured to listen only on localhost? The default elasticsearch.yml included with the jhipster is 1. not secured (not even a user and a password). And it is also listening on all the external ip addresses of the server/host it is running on which is a security issue IMHO.
Thomas McCarrron
Erik Visser
@nomuna OK - I'll watch that issue then. The issue I mentioned a few messages earlier (about failure to build on anything newer than java 1.8) is also due to this reindexservice. If the author doesn't respond, I will probably have to rewrite some of it myself.
Jim Shingler
hey all,... Trying to use jhipster online, .... github generation seems to just spin, .... no feedback, Any thoughts?
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Sudharaka Palamakumbura
Hi everyone, is there a way to inject some spring beans into a Liquibase CustomTaskChange ?
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Bougatf Nidhal
Hi all !
did anyone had this error before ?
Hi, is there any sample application showing how to generate front end and back end separately ?
Krista Mutyaba
Hello everyone, am trying to change the default landing page of my app, but am stuck. can anyone help me on how to do it because its like here the angular routing is confusing hence its different.
Achintha Bandara
What is the data type for time?
Hello everyone, I am new to Jhipster, can anyone help me with how to handle rollback transactions with the microservices? should I use Kafka in this case? appreciate for any info kind info.

Hello guys! Have someone faced the problem with Criterias when the query has accepted the String qriterias well, but for the booleac criterias I got

violations: [{field: "exported",…}]
0: {field: "exported",…}
field: "exported"
message: "Failed to convert property value of type 'java.lang.String' to required type 'io.github.jhipster.service.filter.BooleanFilter' for property 'exported'; nested exception is java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot convert value of type 'java.lang.String' to required type 'io.github.jhipster.service.filter.BooleanFilter' for property
'exported': no matching editors or conversion strategy found"

Actually I have no idea what is wrong with the query send from the front end there:
'exported': false,
'': '28',
'teacher.user.login': this.currentAccount.login
.pipe(... and so on
everything worked well until I have added to the query the 'exported' boolean field which of course exist in the model
Gökhan Çoban
Hi, what does "Unify blueprints configurations?" mean while using "jhipster upgrade" ?
I simply clicked on Spanish language, and I couldn’t enter the system
I simply clicked on Español (language switching section), and the result is that I can't enter the system

Hi ! I want to do filtiring based on dropdown selection but I don't know why this code make error : export const filterEmployees = (employes,projectid) => (dispatch) => {
payload: {
items: employes


}; the error appeared is : error Expected property shorthand object-shorthand


Hello Guys, I am trying to create the microservice with spring web flux using Jhispter generate with version 6.10.1.
generation works fine, however, when I start service and try to call it from the registry swagger UI, I get "Forbidden /services/reactivemicroservice/reactivemicroservice:75f727caed86aac2799c3322a21b0261/v2/api-docs". I tried with plain microservice(without spring web flux) it works absolutely fine. Can anyone guide me on this ti slove it?.


Hello, I'm trying to generate my app on GitHub and JBL Model but nothing seems to be happening.
Oleg Duvanayev
dear community, i am a new with jhipster. i just used ddl-auto = create-drop in order to skip last changes in database and now i have understood the User table is cleaned as well. I can't login as administrator to recovery any authenticated data.
PLEASE: is any option to force the initialization of application like at the first start in order to fill database with entries from user.csv ?
@oduv_gitlab I believe I can try to delete rows from liquibase table responsible for loggin the liquibase data
so after that when you will deploy, the liquibase actions for db creation and enfillment will be called again
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Carsten Steckel
dear all, I have two entities A and B. A references B. B has more than 20 entries. Everythng generates beautifully, and the update-component of A even renders a combo box for B (showing the name of B and not its ID). Perfect. But if A references a B instance outside the first 20 the combo box is empty. The combo box only has 20 entries total. I have figured out, that the B.service.ts query-method adds "pagable" parameters to the request to the backend. which delivers the first page with size 20 as default. mmmhhh. Do I have to write my own "query"-method for the referenced B, that is not paged or can I add some sort of "do-not-page-just-deliver-all-the-B" to the query-method of the B.service.ts? Which parameter would that be?
hello!! how i can run jhipster microservice in container with non-root user?
Gordienko Vitaly

jhipster gateway: Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 403
Used jhipster to create gateway. I use UAA for authorization. I didn't change any settings. Getting an error :( Maybe I need to add something else that wasn't done in the generation process?

URL: wss://**.com/websocket/tracker/883/jj2yk045/websocket

Cookie with access_token, session_token and XSRF-TOKEN.

Message: Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 403

Gordienko Vitaly

dear community, i am a new with jhipster. i just used ddl-auto = create-drop in order to skip last changes in database and now i have understood the User table is cleaned as well. I can't login as administrator to recovery any authenticated data.
PLEASE: is any option to force the initialization of application like at the first start in order to fill database with entries from user.csv ?

Удали запись в БД в таблице database_changelog, в которой сохранено состояние таблицы jhi_user. Далее при следующем запуске таблица будет создана.

salut à tous,je suis nouveau et j'apprends à travailler avec jhipster,tout va bien plus ou fait lorsque j'importe mes entitées il n'y a pas de soucis mais apres le lancement du serveur et l'application front je constate que mes entitees ont des données par défaut que je ne peut pas supprimer.Ma question est comment éviter les données par défaut qui s’étendent sur plusieurs pages?
hi everyone, i'm new and i'm learning to work with jhipster, all is well more or less. in fact when i import my entities there is no problem but after launching the server and the front application I see my entities on the default data which I cannot delete. A question is how to avoid the default data which spans several pages?
Hi team,
Previously, I chose elasticsearch when generating jhipster. However, when I deploy on the product environment can I disable elasticsearch?
Salut à tous s'il vous plait je suis nouveau dans l'utilisation de jhipster,j'ai importé mes entités sans aucun problème tout marche super bien comment.Mon soucis souci se trouve au niveau de la suppression car je n'y arrive pas,je reçois une erreur du genre "erreur interne du serveur".La plupart de mes tables sont dans une relation un à plusieurs.Comment je peux résoudre ce problème s'il vous plait?
Vishwanath pal

hello @ruddell I want to add few fake data in new column (virtual_name) added in 'jhi_user' table. I am able to add new column by using .xml file and that column has few parameter like it must be unique and notnull, everything is fine but when I pass notull = false and execute the application it says:

ERROR: column "virtual_name" contains null values [Failed SQL: ALTER TABLE public.jhi_user ADD virtual_name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL]

Which is known error and suppose to occurred so I've configure fake data (by xml configuration and .csv files) to avoid this error but data is not coming in that column (virtual_name). Here is my .xml configuration file:

<changeSet id="000000000000003" author="jhipster">
<preConditions onFail="MARK_RAN">
<not><columnExists tableName="jhi_user" columnName="virtual_name"/></not>

<addColumn schemaName="public" tableName="jhi_user">
<column name="virtual_name" type="varchar(255)">
<constraints unique="true" nullable="false" uniqueConstraintName="ux_user_virtual_name"/>

<changeSet id="000000000000003-data" author="jhipster" context="faker">

        <column name="virtual_name" type="string"/>            

I've done this for other entities and able to add fake data in it but I don't understand why it's not working with jhi_user table. Is there something I am missing?

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Achintha Bandara
Hi, why @OneToMany relationshop do not create a field in the entity tables?
please help asap
Hi Guys, I update my flutter generator for Jhipster (Theme, I18n, Profile, etc) if you have feedback, tell me :
Pratik Sathaye
Hello All,
I am trying to create production build using below command
mvn clean -Pprod install
I am seeing webpack:build and webpack:prod both are running while running this command.
Anybody can help on this? Why webpack:build is also running?
Kevin Madhu
Hi everyone
I have a doubt regarding LiquibaseConfiguration code provided by jhipster.
The piece of code works perfectly on the spring bean initialization phase(on program startup), but I moved the code somewhere else so as to execute it on request after the program has started. But, it doesn't work then. Any ideas?