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Denis Prescornic
This line Go to File -> Advanced Settings -> Compiler and enable “Allow auto-make to start even if developed application is currently running” should be
Go to File -> Settings-> Advanced Settings -> Compiler and enable “Allow auto-make to start even if developed application is currently running”
Leonardo Marques
Olá pessoal tudo bem ? sou novo por aqui...
Peter E Olsen III @hepaestus Olá amigo voce esta ai?pode me ajudar?

Eu vi o mesmo problema que o seu, pode me ajudar ?

UT000020: Connection terminated as request was larger than 10485760

Leonardo Marques

Hello everyone, everything good ? I'm new here...
Peter E Olsen III @hepaestus Hello friend are you there? can you help me?
I saw the same problem as yours, can you help me?

UT000020: Connection terminated as requests were larger than 10485760

Leonardo Marques
please :D
Leonardo Marques
Thank you all, I already managed to solve the problem mentioned above. For more information I remain at your disposal.
Shahnavaz Saiyed
Hi Everyone! I have a Jhipster Spring boot + Angular app. I want to add support for PieChart in my app. Can you please advise?
Carlos Garcés
There is any way to generate a api.yaml file with the OpenAPI format for an existing jhipster project?
I don't need to generate a JHipster project from open api, I need the other way.
Eder Gomez
This message was deleted
hi, I want to recover my password for JDL Studio but it doesn't send me any recovery email.
hi, I want to recover my password for JDL Studio but it doesn't send me any recovery email.
Haroon Khan
Team can i search Long id with contains. Its not supported by the LongFilter criteria. Example we have list of ids from (1-100) if i type 6 then result should return the 6,26,36,46 etc. How i can acheive this ?
We have a view with the long cast into a string then use a string like or contains.
Ali Majidi
Hi. Would you please help me with how to use HTTP v3 with QUIC in jhipster from its scratch configuration? Thanks
Dimitrios Gerontopoulos
Hi everyone, hope you are doing well
I want to ask how to build a jhipster app with maven to run with java 8 jre (I use jhispter 7.9.3 with java 11 but i want to build tha package for java version 8)
Dimitrios Gerontopoulos
can i change the target version in maven for java 8 but still work in develepment with java 11
I am not using any special feature of java 11
Trần Công Hoàng
hi, i met the problem when try to deploy jhipster using mongodb to heroku
i'am a beginer, so i init project, after that i config application-dev to connect mongodb atlas => run on locally successfull
I deploy to heroku following this step: heroku login, jhipster heroku
I got this error may be related to mongo db connection
so i try to edit application-prod look like application-dev and re deploy but failed
pls help me
Trần Công Hoàng
2022-11-07T11:36:32.042969+00:00 app[web.1]: Caused by: org.springframework.beans.BeanInstantiationException: Failed to instantiate [org.springframework.data.mongodb.core.MongoDatabaseFactorySupport]: Factory method 'mongoDatabaseFactory' threw exception; nested exception is java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Database name must not be empty!
Trần Công Hoàng
i've resolved by command line: heroku config:set MONGODB_URI=vshop
vshop is my database name
Mamadou WONE
Hy everyone does someone can help me ?
I want to add a search bar on every entity on Jhypster entity manager
for add a dynamic filter
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Charlie Mordant
@mamadou-wone You can either use elasticsearch (you'll have it for free). I also wanted to contribute to jh to add a filter on each column of the list but never had time: feel free to do so if you have time!
@oldbird1298 Yes, in the pom or build.gradle, check the variable of the compiler plugin
@shazinfy_twitter It's code: choose the charts technology you want and customize your code
Charlie Mordant
@indrajit-sun You don't debug in containers: you start all the containers without the service you contribute to, then start the service through your IDE to debug it...
Rubiyat Hasan Siddik
hello i am learning jhipster i am facing issue to connect postgres db i am get below error-------
1 reply
Failed to instantiate [com.zaxxer.hikari.HikariDataSource]: Factory method 'dataSource' threw exception; nested exception is java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to load driver class org.postgresql.Driver in either of HikariConfig class loader or Thread context classloader
i am configure the postgres db in my project
Jaypee Tan
Hello guys, I need help in packaging my project I'm having this error when packaging the app
This started to occur since September this year and every build it's giving me this error.
The JDL docs note Create a custom type (see DataType) with the editor, but don't explain what syntax to use. Does anyone know how I can use JDL with custom types? I do not need jhipster to support, this is only for modeling
Hi, does jhipster generate "notIn" query filter by default? because I don't see it in SWAGGER nor when I tried it.
hi I have a jhipster 5.7 generated microservice environment (20 jhipster microservices with gateway) with a UAA server. Now I want to have SSO to an Azure AD identity-provider. I've found it difficult to get the UAA server to connect, seems like its too far outdated. However see that in the latest jhipster versions UAA has been replaced by 'keycloak'. I'm not agains using keycloack but I can't disrupt current authentication methods. Is there a guy on how to run a keycloack server alongside a UAA server in an older jhipster environment? Ideally we keep the jhi_users table in the old system, however when people hit the connect with microsoft button they'll go through microsofts openid protocols?
Gurneet Chhabra
I am trying to generate filtered entities but not able to get classes in target/generated-sources . I have used entities like Book, Publisher, Author, Client and I want to get classes like Book.java, Publisher.java, Author.java, Client.java. But I am not getting them generated in target/generated-sources.