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Peter E Olsen III
@Lau451 I see an error: Javascript Heap Out Of Memory Error
How can i achieve the Filtering when using MongoDB.
Hi Team
I am facing the below issue while running my spring boot app
AnnotationConfigServletWebServerApplicationContext - Exception encountered during context initialization - cancelling refresh attempt
can anyone help please
    <relativePath/> <!-- lookup parent from repository -->
I think there is some issue with version
can anyone help please
I'm issue oauth2 with separating FE and BE jhipster.
My FE is deploy into nginx and had configured proxy pass to backend, all connected no problem. My app also can open keycloak sign in page.
The problem is after sign in, I always get 404 /login/oauth2/code/oid/
1 reply
any samples setup for separating FE and BE where the app is using keycloak oidc
does anyone know when will jHipster 7 be released?
Hi everyone! I am trying to understand what AuditEventConverter does. So far my guess is: PersistentAuditEvent is in its essence is same with AuditEvent, but PersistentAuditEvent is the entity representation of the AuditEvent, so it's basically translating a spring implementation to Jhipster level? Am I making any sense?
Anyone have ready docker-compose example with jhipster/keycloak/traefik setup ?
burhanuddin taha
Hi Everyone, i am trying to integrate AdminLTE version 3 template with jhipster, could someone please let me know how and where to start, i tried by following basic angular 9 and LTE integration but since Jhipster is using webpack for bundling i am totally stuck, any help will be appreciated.
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hi folks, I'm trying to find out how to change position of JhiAlertService this.alertService.success('Alert'); but literally can't find any trace of documentation available.
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Florian RUEN
Hi everyone, I'm using jhipster for java app, and I'm trying to deploy on AWS, but I got an error on entityManagerFactory.
Maybe other got similar issue ?
Florian RUEN
anyone have any idea ?
Alejandro Matos
well, it depends on what’s the error you’re getting
Hello all, I'm using feign on spring boot web and I need to make async calls. I used successfully async with Gson decoder and it works fine. The issue is that I need to be able to handle some returns as simple String and not as Json Objects and Gson throws an error in this case. Is there a decoder that works with String and async ? Thanks
hey folks, not sure if somebody responsible for documentation sits here. Anyways here is how you can add custom error handling with parameters and translation: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/64561424/jhipster-custom-error-message-translation/64579457#64579457
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Hi Everyone i have a problem like that when deploying to heroku
INFO! Using JHipster version installed locally in current project's node_modules
INFO! Executing jhipster:heroku
Heroku configuration is starting
✖ Could not find application: evil-hollow-05039
✖ Run the generator again to create a new application.
identical pom.xml
force .yo-rc.json
INFO! Congratulations, JHipster execution is complete!
i run jhipster heroku command but it fail like that
what should i do ?
Do you have any idea ?
Hello Everybody, is there anyone seeing TokenRelayFilter issues overytime they restart a microservice?
1 reply
Nomi Ferro
I need like a beginner one on one course cause I’m so confused it’s to many different terms for the similar things 😩
1 reply
Howdy folks, maybe you can share your experience with me, regarding hazelcast free licence. Do you think it's mandatory to use the Hazelcast Management Center or any of the paid services in order to properly implement this caching solution in production mode? I would love to read some feedbacks regarding this!
1 reply
Hello All, I am using the jdl studio to create my JPA DB schema. Everything works really well however I am running into one constraint.For one of my tables I want the id to start with '100000' and increment after that. From what I could research this was not a feature of JDL, is this still the case?
1 reply
I understand that I add another field in the table, but I want to try and avoid that. I also manually update the liquibase changelog file and it works but whenever I re-run the generator it overwrites my changes.
1 reply
Alejandra Bricio
Hi everyone! are there any paypal generators besides npm install -g generator-jhipster-paypal? Im doing a React JHipster app but this npm package only works on Angular
Alejandro Matos
I think that’s the only one
I am new to Jhipster.. I donwloaded dependency (ngx-slick-carousel) for Image Slider
I get this error ERROR
ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined at eval (webpack-internal:///./node_modules/ngx-slick-carousel/ivy_ngcc/fesm2015/ngx-slick-carousel.js:129:13) at ZoneDelegate.invoke
Please some one advise how to avoid this error
hello folks, is there any built-in angular progress indicator when issuing long-running requests? I have create question here as well https://stackoverflow.com/questions/64738023/jhipster-progress-bar
1 reply
Simon Leiß
Hey, is there any ETA for Jhipster 7?
3 replies
Akash Kumar Roy
hey all
i am facing a issue while applying the database changelog of liquibase
Liquibase could not start correctly, your database is NOT ready: Validation Failed
even if i had included the change log files to the master.xml
i know there's a workaround to drop off or clear the md5sum
but is it a good way to reflect entity related changes to database
2 replies
Hello Everyone.
I generated a jhipster application without websocket option. But now there is a need to implement websocket in our application.
By using tracker example i implemented some of the configuration in my project.
However i am facing an issue regarding the websocket handshake
1 reply
i have configured everything I suppose.
Added websocket url to security file , ClientforwardController file and webpack file as well.
Enabled websocket in Yo-rc.json file
I am unable to find the problem. If anyone knows anything please help me out.
Supun Dharmarathna
I need to use external i18n and app constants files with Jhipster. any suggestion?