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Repo info
I have two applications with the same DB configuration in the app.yml files. After running one application without any problem in docker, I run into an error about an existing database table when I run the second application in docker. That error cause is the same DB configuration, I believe. What is the best way to deal with the problem?
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Hi hipsters!Can somebody clear liqubase flow.I understand it like this when we generete jdl it creates entities(and other stuff) and then executes liqubase diff that creates changelog file after jhipster includes it to master changelog file and then we run application and liqubase updates db?(but i don't see in pom executor goal update)
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Hello everybody,
i am running (jhipster 6.10.5) the
jhipster openapi-client command to create the Java Feign REST client, the classes being generated extensively use JsonNullable:
private JsonNullable<String> name = JsonNullable.undefined();
With the Feign Client i am successfully consuming a GET operation, but the deserialization of the response fails with:
Caused by: com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.exc.InvalidDefinitionException: Cannot construct instance of org.openapitools.jackson.nullable.JsonNullable (no Creators, like default construct, exist): no String-argument constructor/factory method to deserialize from String value ('aname')

that is because the JsonNullable has to be created by the .of() method.
So the generated Client is more or less useless, Feign is checking for an Optional Java Object in its OptionalDecoder, but this JsonNullable is a different approach.
Does anybody has an idea on how to fix this?


I get microservices from Jhipster. After running the following command to deploy all those apps to Kubernets:

 bash kubectl-apply.sh -f

I get

Applying default `kubectl apply -f`
Unable to connect to the server: dial tcp i/o timeout

Where shall I look into to solve this problem?

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hi everyone, i'm new with jhispter
i install project, after i try to login but i get this error, any idea, plz.
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Hello, anybody with experience in developing microservices with jhipster?
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I've followed the tutorial, wrote a JDL file, but now when I'm trying to run one of the microservices locally (while the others are in Docker), it doesn't seem to be able to find the registry
I've tried every stackoverflow answer and none seemed to help
Rrok Luli
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Hello Guys! I have created a JDL File based on this ERD Schema for Online Store, but when i try to generate it gives me error between User Entity and Cart Entity and again between User and Address Entity
How can I fix this?!!!


bash kubectl-apply.sh -f

I get messages on services created without any error. I, however, can't see any of those services with

kubectl get pods

What do I do wrong?

Rick Poleshuck

I am curious about the choice of defaults for JDL. Typically, I modify the generated domain java class by adding the following to OneToMany relationships:

, cascade = CascadeType.PERSIST

Also, I frequently use a List rather than a Set.

Alejandro Matos
well, that's just a way to discard duplicates
Hello, Is there someone who already experienced setting up SharedWorker on a 6.5.1 Jhipster monolithique generated App using worker-loader.
I ve got it Work in Dev mod but i can't understand how to bundle it correctly in production mod. I m aware that It's more a webpack problem than a Jhipster but as I am pretty new to webpack i don't want to broke my Jhipster generated configuration.
The only way i managed to get production compile is by excluding /\worker.ts$/ from the @ngtools/webpack modules and adding worker-load + ts-loader . But it seems that webpack bundle 2 different files and the worker generated only contain a webpack_require( ... the_other_file_with_my_source_code) and so it don't work ^^.

Hello, I'm trying to run a microservices application. It's composed by 1 gateway and 1 microservice (as well as registry, keycloak, and an MSSQL database for each of the applications). When I run it all with "docker-compose up -d", it works well. But if I stop the microservice on docker and try to run it manually (either through IntelliJ or with .\mvnw commands - So far I've tried it with the flags -P-webapp and ./mvnw -Pprod and none worked), it's not working as expected.

The microservice is able to register on the registry, but whenever I choose an entity related to said microservice, it just gives me a blank page (on the console shows a 401 error) and logs out

If I'm missing any information that could help please tell me and I'll try to include it, it's kind of hard to explain it trough text
On the gateway I'm getting this error:
2021-03-01 12:48:34.986 WARN 1 --- [ XNIO-1 task-8] o.s.c.n.zuul.web.ZuulHandlerMapping : No routes found from RouteLocator

2021-03-01 12:48:41.011 WARN 1 --- [ XNIO-1 task-8] o.s.c.n.z.f.pre.PreDecorationFilter : No route found for uri: /services/gestorpedidos/api/pedido

2021-03-01 12:48:52.724 WARN 1 --- [ XNIO-1 task-3] o.z.problem.spring.common.AdviceTraits : Unauthorized: Full authentication is required to access this resource
Btw when I run it with .\mvnw -Pprod it ends in error and doesn't run. When I run it with .\mvnw or .\mvnw -P-webapp it successfully compiles & runs, and registers in the registry. But I still can't add new entities

Hi guys,

In GCP Kubernetes, I'm getting an UnknownHostException when my gateway tries to access my microservice. Where do I look to resolve this?

I also tried using prefer-ip-address: true but then I get a 401 Unauthorized.

hi guys,
i have this error when i run: gradlew.bat -x webpack
a little help plz
Alejandro Matos
do the equivalent to mvn clean install
wole adetiba

I'm trying to generate war file running mvnw -Pprod package but i get BUILD FAILURE.

send me this error:

Hey @juanjocoto, were you able to get around this? I am having same issue

Rick Poleshuck
@WoleAdetiba_twitter , @juanjocoto , Did you modify the <packaging> tag in your pom? Did you change the spring-boot-starter-undertow dependency to provided? Did you update webpack.prod.js to include the path prefix? All mentioned in https://www.jhipster.tech/production/
wole adetiba
Hi @RickPoleshuck - Thanks for your input. Yes. I had checked the url before. I am building "JAR" so the step stated on the page is to do mvnw -Pprod package. I will try the "WAR" build if that will be successful.
Rick Poleshuck

Hi @RickPoleshuck - Thanks for your input. Yes. I had checked the url before. I am building "JAR" so the step stated on the page is to do mvnw -Pprod package. I will try the "WAR" build if that will be successful.

You are having a different problem than @juanjocoto. My biggest problem getting started was jumping in too quickly and skipping over the documentation.

Jun Huh

Hello I have an app deployed without a context path, routed to with context paths by the reverse proxy. When I upgraded to JHipster v6 I noticed that webpack configuration has changed. Basically to get it to work I had to modify

new BaseHrefWebpackPlugin({ baseHref: '/test/service/' }),

new HtmlWebpackPlugin({
            template: './src/main/webapp/index.html',
            chunks: ['vendors', 'polyfills', 'main', 'global'],
            chunksSortMode: 'manual',
            inject: 'body',
            base: '/test/service/'

My question is since the context-path is set differently in app.properties, is there any way to propagate this property to the webpack config so it can set the base and baseHref dynamically?

hello, my postgreSQL config in port 3307, can i change port default of postgreSQL when run jhipster?
Matt Raible
Who's ready for v7?! We're working on it now...
Alejandro Matos
Hojjat Abedi
sabrina kacel
Hello everyone, i'm using jhipster to developp a web application, i have an issue related to websocket, i have integrated it recently but the handshake is not working, i have a problem with filterChain when it comes to httpRequest websocket, could anyone help me please ??
Alejandro Matos
you should post the error message so people could give you hand
Ahmed Yousseff
@mraible i'm already working with it already in beta release
Ahmed Yousseff
@vw98075 3.3 worked fine with me
@mraible by the way i encountered this issues while creating entity if you add enum as datatype an error will be thrown work around is modify the entity file it self on .jhipster folder (OS: MAC latest version & Ubuntu 20)
Tácio Marques
Hello, when I create the jhipster project, I have the following error: "Application commit to Git failed from /home/User/Área de Trabalho/App. Try to commit manually." Can someone help me? I am use Ubuntu
hello everyone, can you tell me how to make a composite key using jdl ?
Joren McSorley
Hi everyone. Is there a way to change the default naming convention used when generating entities?
Example: jhipster import-jdl sample.jh
Generates a file with the convention: sample-delete-dialog.tsx
I'd like to generate: sampleDeleteDialog.tsx
Alejandro Matos
you will have to change the core files in your node-modules file
Martin Carrillo
Hello everyone, someone managed to implement an external authorization service: https://www.baeldung.com/jhipster-authentication-external-service,
do everything but don't enter custom authenticator
Rafael Hengles

Hello everyone.
I have a brand new project created with JHipster that already has many entities structure and data. It was created by a backend developer and unfortunately he chose "Angular" for the front-end. AFAIK, there is no custom development made to the front end.

Can I regenerate the frontend in another stack, preferably Vue, for an existing JHipster app ?

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Krishnan Mahadevan

Hello everyone.. I am noticing that when I have a many to one relationship such as below

relationship OneToMany {
    Father to Child

and I use jhipster import-jdl the generated DTOs are not containing the Set<Child> references that are found in the entity classes. Is this a known behavior ?

Cassandra Bailey

Hi All - trying to implement my own entity-client subgenerator for React. I haven't done anything special yet. When I try to make an entity, it can't find the primaryKey:

info Using blueprint generator-jhipster-uswds-react for entity-client subgenerator
      throw er; // Unhandled 'error' event

Error: Copying template react/src/main/webapp/app/entities/entity-detail.tsx.ejs failed. [ReferenceError: /opt/Projects/FedHipster/Dev/generator-jhipster-uswds-react/generators/entity-client/templates/react/src/main/webapp/app/entities/entity-detail.tsx.ejs:169
    167|           <FontAwesomeIcon icon="arrow-left" /> <span className="d-none d-md-inline" ><Translate contentKey="entity.action.back">Back</Translate></span>
    168|         </Button>&nbsp;
 >> 169|         <Button tag={Link} to={`/<%= entityFileName %>/${<%= entityInstance %>Entity.<%= primaryKey.name %>}/edit`} replace color="primary">
    170|           <FontAwesomeIcon icon="pencil-alt" /> <span className="d-none d-md-inline"><Translate contentKey="entity.action.edit">Edit</Translate></span>
    171|         </Button>
    172|       </Col>
**primaryKey is not defined**]

Has anyone else seen this? Does the primaryKey have something to do with the database? when does it get generated and assigned? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

3 replies
John Poole
I'm trying to use custom annotations in my JDL to avoid editing the generated domain entities, but adding: @customAnnotation(@MyAnnotation) and just @MyAnnotation to the JDL doesn't work. Nothing at all shows up in the generated java file. How are these supposed to work?
2 replies
i use angular with jhipster, how to create a new routing when i create a new page and match it, a little help, plz