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New to jhipster and really need help with this question (sorry for repeating) : When I create a relationship to the built in User entity, my API model that's generated in Swagger wants the entire User object to be part of the request; e.g. User related to Cars....and now the PUT request for Cars wants the entire User graph included? How should I be modeling this such the API only requires the User ID and not the entire User graph? I can not include the relationship and only include the ID field in the Cars object representing the link to User but this doesn’t like the correct way to do it….
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Peter E Olsen III
I am not understanding something about how relationships are created... OneToOne KINDA works as expected, however, when I use ManyToMany { A{b(foo) to B{a(foo) } the generated code is not bi-directional. The TypeScript Model Objects are correct! The java looks like it should work as well. But the generated app does not have A -> B and B -> A relationships. Please see this repo https://github.com/hepaestus/testproject Here is my JDL: https://github.com/hepaestus/testproject/blob/main/testproject.jdl
Peter E Olsen III
It's slow in here today
Alejandro Matos
@hepaestus I can see the relationship in Echo and Author
Supun Dharmarathna
i am having an issue while using translations with lazy loaded modules
none of the translations seems working in lazy loaded modules
any thoughts?
Peter E Olsen III
@amatosg Can anyone point to a demo or test project that builds as stated the different relationship types?
@amatosg It creates the relationships but the SQL Queries are not comprehensive. You do not get the entire object and all its relationships even when you choose FetchType.EAGER
@amatosg I think there is a numerical limit the number of relationships that will work automatically.
Peter E Olsen III
@amatosg It seems like if your entities are "too complex" it breaks.
@amatosg I have tried all kinds of entity definition types and styles and I still am not getting the relationships to work as I expect them to. SO Either I am thinking about this wrong, which is entirely possible, OR It's not working as it should. OR BOTH. I am super frustrated.
Alejandro Matos
@hepaestus If you're not getting the relationship as desired, I would recommend to get the additional objects in the service layer
Peter E Olsen III
@amatosg I am not sure what you mean.
I just want it to build the way the JDL says it will be built.
Alejandro Matos
What I wanted to say is that, if the relationship is not working as desired, you could mitigate the issue querying the data in your service layer. Also, you could open an issue so the team can evaluate your case
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Cesar Manuel Cruzata De la Cruz
hi developers, I have SPA Reactjs and Keycloak and Gateway services, I need to develop authentication and authorization. I want to know how jhipster performs authentication between React application, Keyclaok and Gateway.
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Hello developers
how can run jhipster project on external tomcat server we faced issue to do
we can deploy generated war file but cannot start deployed application.
please assist as
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Aleksa Ivanovic
Hello developers,
I need to migrate jhipster microservice app from 5.8.1 and 5.8.2 projects to latest 7.1.0, any tips on how to do it. Do I go one version at a time or directly to 7.1.0? What do I need to watch out for? Thanks a lot for any answer
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Peter E Olsen III
Dumb Question: How do I update JHIPSTER to 7.1.0? I have tried sudo npm update -g generator-jhipster with and without sudo but I still get the old version from jhipster --version $ jhipster --version INFO! Using JHipster version installed locally in current project's node_modules 7.0.1
I also updated my .yo-rc.json file to the jhipsterversion 7.1.0.
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Also tried sudo npm install -g generator-jhipster but no worky
Konstantin Pribluda
Just wondering - when I am using keycloack and gateway why there is still local storage of user ? with database and services and whatever. Seems to be waste of resources to me. The same is with administration frontend - when I specify withAdminUi=false it is still generated for the frontend
Ali Ebadian
Hey All,
My apologies if this is not the right place to ask this question.
We have a springboot application that uses bootstrap and Jquery for its frontend. We are looking to change the frontend application to use react.
As this application has stand-alone widgets, we wanted to take baby step approach and convert the widgets one by one to use reactJS.
Someone suggested to maybe it would be best to convert the application to use JHipster first.
Is this approach recommended?
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Is it correct that I can only delete entities manually which were generated by the jdl file? Is there no automated way to remove the ones not specified in the jdl file anymore?
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Alejandro Matos
that is correct, you will hace to delete entities manually. A good way to do it is deleting the domain entity and the go all the way up
Peter E Olsen III

I keep getting this error:

 2021-06-24 13:28:57.421 ERROR 2754956 --- [  XNIO-1 task-1] c.h.a.service.OrderItemService           : Exception in save() with cause = 'NULL' and exception = 'null'

 java.lang.StackOverflowError: null

Something is null but I don't know what. Any Ideas?

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Hi guys, I'm trying to understand how I can debug the jhipster-generator

I've cloned the project on my local and follow the steps until to use text-editor

So, I have my project which I want to test, how can I configure VSC to launch for example jhipster jdl my-jdl-location and stop a debug point on my vsc?


Hi guys, When I use generator-jhipster v7.1.0 to generate a webflux gateway,I found the profile zipkin use dependency spring-cloud-starter-zipkin
but, spring-cloud-starter-zipkin has no longer exist with spring-cloud-starter-* v3.0.x

Suggest a Fix

Change dependency with spring-cloud-starter-sleuth

and add spring-cloud-sleuth-zipkin

Alejandro Matos
Does anyone knows at which version did the UUID as id was available?
Alejandro Matos
to anwer myself: 7.0.0
Bassem Zohdy
best way to integrate Angular Material? I found multilabel blueprint for that but not up to date.
Hello everyone, I have created a jhipster gateway and enabled keycloak, due to this i am unable to login as admin and use gateway admin UI
I have created Jhipster default roles in Keycloak and assigned them ti the user as well. But still the issue. Forbidden 403. Not sure what exactly I missed. Could you guys help me out ?
1 reply
"type" : "https://www.jhipster.tech/problem/problem-with-message",
"title" : "Forbidden",
"status" : 403,
"detail" : "Access Denied",
"path" : "/management",
"message" : "error.http.403"
Riyaz A Shaikh
Hi everyone, can we use JSONB data type while creating new entity using JDL? if yes, how to do it?
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hi i need help to reset my password, the email trigger does not work
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@hizmarck_gitlab i have the same question. How to debug the command jhipster jdl my-custom-dl with VSCode?
Riyaz A Shaikh
Failed to start bean 'webServerStartStop'; nested exception is org.springframework.boot.web.server.WebServerException: Unable to start Netty. What might be the root cause of above error? Deployed jHipster 7 on AWS EC2 instance.
There is no automatic replication mechanism between your database and Elasticsearch, so you might have out-of-sync data. As a result, you will probably need to write some specific code to synchronize your data, for example using the Spring @Scheduled annotation, to run every evening.
This also means if your database is changed outside of your application, your search indexes will be out-of-sync. The Elasticsearch Reindexer JHipster module can help in these situations.
How can I sync data from postgress to es , please help ?
John Cao
Does anyone know how to apply ngrx to angular in jhipster?

@hizmarck_gitlab i have the same question. How to debug the command jhipster jdl my-custom-dl with VSCode?

I figured out how to debug with vscode. Thank you JHipster! You are awesome! So I decided to contribute as part of this hipster community, i explained step by step to how to configure the debug with vscode:

take a look @hizmarck_gitlab

John Cao
Did anyone get the error devServerPort is not defined when running for kotlin blueprint?

Hi! I am new to JHipster. I get this error when trying Angular with dotnetcore blueprints.
(jHipster 7.0.1)

Unhandled promise rejection at:
ReferenceError: /usr/local/lib/nodemodules/generator-jhipster/generators/client/templates/angular/package.json.ejs:169
167| <%
} _%>
168| "jest": "jest --coverage --logHeapUsage --maxWorkers=2 --config jest.conf.js",

169| "start": "ng serve<% if (!microfrontend) { %> --hmr<% } %>",
170| "start-tls": "<%= clientPackageManager %> run webapp:dev -- --env.tls",
171| <% if (skipServer) { %>
172| "sonar": "sonar-scanner",

microfrontend is not defined
Could anybody help? Thanks in advance.

                i am new to jhipster m just trying to learn 
Skipping auto-registration
2021-07-05 13:04:22.537 WARN 21424 --- [ dd-task-1] liquibase.hub : Skipping auto-registration
2021-07-05 13:04:22.573 ERROR 21424 --- [ dd-task-1] t.j.c.liquibase.AsyncSpringLiquibase : Liquibase could not start correctly, your database is NOT ready: liquibase.exception.MigrationFailedException: Migration failed for change set config/liquibase/changelog/20210705054137_changelog.xml::1625463707058-1::silentwolf (generated):
Reason: liquibase.exception.DatabaseException: ERROR: syntax error at end of input
Position: 41 [Failed SQL: (0) ALTER SEQUENCE public.sequence_generator]
its working while m adding a field to my entity , but while m removing a field it only removes from the UI part data base is unchenged
Alejandro Matos
@7silentwolf what's the content of 20210705054137_changelog.xml?