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Feb 2016
Brian Egizi
Feb 02 2016 02:18
If I have a column that I want gorm to read from the db but not insert, what is the best way to accomplish that? I've tried .Omit() without any success and adding sql:"-"fixes the inserts, but doesn't scan the field on selects.
Feb 02 2016 02:24
@begizi I think latest gorm should works
Brian Egizi
Feb 02 2016 02:40
I'll update and try again. Was on sha 20e37a05337026c18c4f74285ae1f47323d0e9eb according to godeps
Illya Busigin
Feb 02 2016 17:20
Hi all. I’ve started using gorm in one our projects and wanted to know if anyone has any recommendations for unit testing. I usually like to swap out sql.DB with a mock but this doesn’t seem possible with gorm. Outside of an integration test is there any other way to write a unit test against an app using gorm?
Paul Tötterman
Feb 02 2016 21:39
gorm doesn't seem to be doing connection pooling the way I'd expect it to
does anyone have pointers how to use it for a http server? database/sql has pooling, but how does gorm handle this aspect?