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May 2016
May 02 2016 19:51
Hi all!
gorm does not seem to be creating my schema when AutoMigrate is called.
It is creating the inherited gorm properties, but not my custom schema
more can be seen here: #974
Christophe de Vienne
May 02 2016 20:48
Hi everyone.
No matter what I do, I cannot find how to define self-referencing many2many relations. It is possible ? jinzhu/gorm#653 suggests that it is not. If so, is there any change this gets addressed soon ?
Thomas Boerger
May 02 2016 21:37
@ianseyer commented
May 02 2016 21:47
thanks @tboerger, that is correct! However, now my Relations column is not being created (and also my Filename column, though I suspect it is because of the relations column failing)
I followed jinzhu's instructions on how to use the JSONB postgresql column type