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Jul 2016
Jul 25 2016 02:18
@codepushr_twitter .Preload
Bruce Auyeung
Jul 25 2016 06:42
hi everyone. i have two applications running in containers, these two apps both use gorm to connect to postgres. and they both try to automigrate tables to the same postgres. is there any means to avoid concurrently automigrate? it seems file lock and network port lock doesn't fit this situation
Bruce Auyeung
Jul 25 2016 07:09
can anybody help me about this?
Thomas Boerger
Jul 25 2016 08:16
@redhatlinux10 just don't automigrate on app start?
Aleksandar Palic
Jul 25 2016 08:49
@Velds with debug on preload always triggers a new query, it's not joining
@redhatlinux10 or don't auto-migrate at all - it can be risky in production anyway, there are very good migration packages out there
Aleksandar Palic
Jul 25 2016 11:05
when calling Rows() how do i know if any rows have been returned? rows.Error() doesnt work in this case
Aleksandar Palic
Jul 25 2016 11:11
Andrew Minkin
Jul 25 2016 12:05
Hello there. How can I catch Integrity error in gorm?
Aliaksei Varabei
Jul 25 2016 17:05
hi guys, how to change the TimeZone for GORM. Same questions as jinzhu/gorm#236
I need kind of "time.In" func but at data parsing time without having extra converter.