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Nov 2017
Nov 09 2017 13:59

Hello, thanks for this awesome job that is gorm. Just a small question.

using postgres (but shouldn't be important)

    var ids []string
    err := pSG.db.Table("table_name").Select([]string{"id"}).Find(&ids).Error

I'll transform my code for now... but I'm curious to fix it.

Nov 09 2017 21:56
Was interested in gorm, tried the example Quickstart on the website and errors out at db.AutoMigrate(&Product{}). Has the API changed since this these document were written?
note the db doesn't exists yet, the error starts with Exception 0xc0000005 0x8 0x7e22f8 0x7e22f8 PC=0x7e22f8 signal arrived during external code execution
test.db and test.db-journal do get created