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    Alexander Trousevich
    WOW! hi there! =))
    Ger Hobbelt
    Hi Alex!
    Ger Hobbelt
    Any opinions re GerHobbelt/jison#12 For me, bison value defaults are wrong ($$=$1) and mere 'legacy' while location defaults make sense (@$=range(@firstRuleTerm..@lastRuleTerm) -- as long as you don't care about run-time performance and don't mind doing a lot of location object creation and calculus which you probably throw away anyway. But that stance is not the correct one for everyone and every grammar situation: see #12.
    Julian David
    Hi everyone!!
    Harry Moreno
    checking this project out now, thanks for making improvements!
    Roman Sobkuliak
    Hello, @GerHobbelt thanks for the awesome work you've put into jison-gho. I started using it because I lacked error reporting in the original version. However, I noticed that the output size of the parser is significantly bigger than with the original jison. In my case it was 4x bigger. Is there something significant I'll gain in return? (My input consists of only ASCII chars)
    Roman Sobkuliak
    OK, nevermind, I noticed that the size is basically the same after I use closure compiler on both generated parsers.