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but i want to use jitpack to download an opensource repo do i require license.
Marvin Froeder
Could use some help understanding the paid tiers. If I link my paid account to a github account, how many private repositories can I use in it? Does the lowest plan mean I can only ever use 3 of my github repositories?
hi. i am trying to use jitpack for a bitbucket repository (public) but build apparently fails with UnknownHostKey. (see https://jitpack.io/org/bitbucket/pjtr/flupke/d8930b5efe/build.log). any ideas what i did wrong? afaik, jitpack supports bitbucket, no?
Stefanos Togoulidis
👋 all. Anyone has seen slow behavior and perhaps Git clone took longer than 180 s errors these days? Not sure if it's some slowdown from GitHub or other network infra. BTW, there's a jitpack/jitpack.io#3868 but no much traffic on it.
can i use jitpack as plugin dependency resolver?
Nick Minkler
I used to have jitpack publishing from an organization that seems to be broken now?
jitpack no longer sees the public repositories and I can't manage anything with them
Nick Minkler
ah I think it was a misunderstanding on my end. looks like they're all still there.
Aman Verma
I am getting the Same Error but in One Particular Project out of 5 Project i tried. So I try to import it using implementation 'thelibrary'. But in one project it is geiving could not resolve the library:libraryname. So I created a fresh Project and then try to import it and it worked. What am I missing?
Hi @jitpack-io. We are a premium user. We are facing build issue & our clients are start complaining. Please fix it ASAP.
The same issue we have faced 4 months before.
Hi, I used to have a private jitpack repo. But it doesn't work anymore because of authentication problems. since a year or so yeah( didn't have time to fix it). it worked for 1 year with out any problem never changed anything. Could this be because of the subcriptions added now ?
Giuseppe Barbieri
does jitpack support gradle variant aware (https://docs.gradle.org/current/userguide/variant_model.html) projects?
hello, Is jitpack service down?
quickstats says 1 monitor is down
Our pipelines are failing on JitPack 403s for private repos. Is there someone to troubleshoot with us?
Hi, Getting "No read access to repo" for private gitlab repo in jitPack website during creation of dependency
David (javalin.io)
:wave: i got a user report saying jitpack chooses the wrong module from a multi-module project, is there some configuration i have to do?
the "subproject" dropdown appears to be missing
Xiaoyu PENG
Download Statistics is down? always show 'There seems to be an issue connecting to our servers. Please try again in a few minutes.'
Dom Rodriguez
hi, i'm having issues with my artifacts being built, but no maven-metadata.xmlbeing generated - only maven-metadata-local.xml being generated, which means I can't include my artifact in my project.
I'm using Maven in the project. Is anyone else having this issue?

Hello, I am trying to build my org's repo, but instantly getting

Subscription is not active right now
Requested subscription: github.com/.... 
Your subscriptions are listed in User Settings.
Please contact Support or repository admins if you need assistance.

I have paid account and my org admin approved the request. What could be the problem?

Ivan Schütz
Hi, how to distribute an .aar with jitpack? (more specifically an .so, which I assume has to be packaged in .aar)?
Victor Borja
Hello, what is the process (and where is the right place) to ask for an improvement building scala sbt projects? Currently many scala projects are moving from 2.12.x to 2.13.x and in that process sbt lets you define a project as cross-compiled to different scala versions. However, the default install step on jitpack for sbt projects is sbt publishM2 when it would be much better to be sbt '+ publishM2' which would actually build all cross-version artifacts. Does this change sounds easy to implement? Having that would be great for many scala projects.
Victor Borja
Just created an issue on GH. jitpack/jitpack.io#4249
Steve Perkins
Hi. Has anyone ever setup a remote proxy for jitpack.io in Artifactory (or Nexus, etc)?
So that your repository would cache and hold onto dependencies? (and so you wouldn't have to declare jitpack.io as a additional repository source in your Maven or Gradle script)
I have created a remote repo in Artifactory, pointing to https://jitpack.io. But it doesn't work, and I'm not sure if I need to add any additional path or other weird settings.
Hello anyone, I build my android library that have a few source set, main, debug with Jitpack, I connected my lib thought gradle using jitpack generated code, but I can't see my classes from debug source set only see classes in main source set. Have idea how to fix it?
Vic C
How do I enable latest version of gradle? Do I allow .gradle or gradle?
Reagan Middlebrook

I'm getting "Failed to resolve" errors with jitpack and any repo. I've checked the FAQ and old questions on here, but still having trouble.

In my top level build.gradle, I added maven { url 'https://jitpack.io' } to the end of repositories. In my app level build.gradle dependencies I tried adding implementation 'com.github.jkwiecien:EasyImage:3.0.4' (the repo I actually want to use) and tried adding implementation 'com.github.jitpack:android-example:2.0' (for testing when I was getting failures).

Using the FAQ help at jitpack.io, I tried running ./gradlew --info --refresh-dependencies from the command line (at the top level of my app) but the output doesn't contain any "HTTP Could not get" errors of any kind. In fact if I search through the (very long) output, I can't find any reference to jitpack or EasyImage or android-example at all.

I'm clearly missing something very basic here, but not sure what.

Any ideas?

Reagan Middlebrook
Solved it. If anyone else has the same issue, you have to add maven { url 'https://jitpack.io' } to your app-level build.gradle as well. Nothing goes in the top-level build.gradle. :doh:
Marc Esher

Hi folks. I have a question about git branches that jitpack.io will treat as the "main" branch.

On Project A, we are switching from "master" to "trunk" branch as our default branch, and deleting the "master" branch

On Project B, its build.gradle file includes the "-SNAPSHOT" build of Project A, like so:


So it's using that :-SNAPSHOT short-hand, which I think is just a shorthand for master-SNAPSHOT.

My question is: for Project A, if we move to "trunk" and delete "master", will that :-SNAPSHOT syntax continue to work, if "trunk" is set as the default branch on github, or is there something special about "master" from jitpack's perspective that enables that shorthand syntax?

Thanks so much.

Ino de Bruijn
is there some issue with the service?


Authentication failed for https://jitpack.io/com/github/cbioportal/cbioportal-frontend/v3.4.2/cbioportal-frontend-v3.4.2.jar 401 Unauthorized

this is an open source project, so it shouldn't have auth issues?
Ino de Bruijn
this link also does not seem to work anymore: https://jitpack.io/#cbioportal/cbioportal-frontend
still works fine for another repo where we use jitpack as well: https://jitpack.io/#cbioportal/cbioportal
Ino de Bruijn
started working again, thanks for this great service! We use it a lot 🙏
I tried to sign in the site many times
But it didn't happen and Stays in loading
Tom Schultz
Hello...sign in is not working, no builds nothing
https://jitpack.io/login - does it work for anyone?
Jack Osterman
Also unable to log in here
Juan Carlos Chávez Montes
Also having trouble signing in, help!
i'm unable to login or access the repository
Hanno Gödecke
service is completely down for me, everyone else?
Vic C
I filed a bug: jitpack/jitpack.io#4260
Hey, everything seems to be down for me, including maven
hi, we ordered a paid subscription, yet the subscription was connected to a wrong github repository. no response from jitpack@jitpack.io in a week to help me. could i get some help here?
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My library is not built and there is no error