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Ino de Bruijn
still works fine for another repo where we use jitpack as well: https://jitpack.io/#cbioportal/cbioportal
Ino de Bruijn
started working again, thanks for this great service! We use it a lot 🙏
I tried to sign in the site many times
But it didn't happen and Stays in loading
Tom Schultz
Hello...sign in is not working, no builds nothing
https://jitpack.io/login - does it work for anyone?
Jack Osterman
Also unable to log in here
Juan Carlos Chávez Montes
Also having trouble signing in, help!
i'm unable to login or access the repository
Hanno Gödecke
service is completely down for me, everyone else?
Vic C
I filed a bug: jitpack/jitpack.io#4260
Hey, everything seems to be down for me, including maven
hi, we ordered a paid subscription, yet the subscription was connected to a wrong github repository. no response from jitpack@jitpack.io in a week to help me. could i get some help here?
1 reply
My library is not built and there is no error

4 actionable tasks: 1 executed, 3 up-to-date
Build tool exit code: 0
Looking for artifacts...
Picked up JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS: -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -Dhttps.protocols=TLSv1.2
Picked up JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS: -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -Dhttps.protocols=TLSv1.2
Looking for pom.xml in build directory and ~/.m2
Exit code: 0

ERROR: No build artifacts found

Nuwan Sanjeewa Abeysiriwardana
Hi, i'm getting following error when i include plugin in build process.
Plugin's descriptor contains the wrong group ID: com.cloudimpl, Plugin's descriptor contains the wrong version: 2.0.0
plugin is look like this.
Darlan Borges
Hello, I published my library and it work's fine, but when I added a depedency (aar) into the library, the project that's consumes the library, doesn't found the aar depedency. I need to make this aar (inside library) exportable or how can I create another lib just with aar?
Chaitanya Potti

Hello, i'm unable to fetch my project when using the custom domain name

Unable to resolve dependency for ':torusdirect@debugUnitTest/compileClasspath': Could not resolve org.torusresearch:fetch-node-details-java:1.0.5.

But, it works when using github name com.github.torusresearch:fetch-node-details-java:1.0.5.

Setting icon is not showing for private repos... As mentioned in artifact sharing doc https://jitpack.io/docs/PRIVATE/#artifact-sharing
I have subscribed to one of your JitPack Plan.. Artifact sharing option is not there for private repos.. I have to change it to everyone
Heya! I'm trying to access the latest successful build using the jitpack rest api. https://jitpack.io/api/builds/com.github.LovinLifee/Avuna is totally valid and yields expected results but when I append /latestOk to the end of the URL it appears to be empty even though I do have successful builds.
Sidhant Srikumar
Hi, I'm wondering if there are any bandwidth/storage limits for paid plans
Sanalogi Corp.
I bough monthly package . But my subscription is inactive.
I write to you many mail . but you don't write answer. what is the problem
Sanalogi Corp.
wht is the support telephone number
Sanalogi Corp.
Hello there,
can anyone help me with multiple users per repository ?
@jitpack-io we are the premium user. We have paid subscription amount still it is showing inactive. Please help us resolve this ASAP. Thanks
my clients all developments get stopped Please help on this ASAP.
@jitpack-io Please revert on this.
@jitpack-io We have paid subscription, yet the subscription was connected to a wrong github repository. no response from jitpack@jitpack.io from morning. Please help me on this.
Gabriel Torres
Hi, I have a problem with my subscription. Do not show me nothing and my repository keep in queued jitpack@jitpack.io
Gabriel Torres
In the morning I arrive me the subscription confirmation email but when I tried to go across of the link the site web do not show me nothing. Then I was to disconnect my github account from jitpack and connect again for be able to see the library. jitpack@jitpack.io
Giuseppe Barbieri
this unfortunately has not been solved yet: jitpack/jitpack.io#3901
jitpack still picks an old kotlin version to compile. This is causing quite some troubles because the old 1.3.72 doesn't work well with 1.4.0 sources
Hi there, i want to publish a library which has multiple product flavors. I am able to publish the library successfully but when i use a specific flavor of that library my project does not compile and gives multiple error which indicated that in that library's flavor other dependencies were not included. How to solve this issue, please help
how should i use the snapshot of a branch with "/"s in their name?
Ive sent a ticket to support last tuesday yet i havent heard from them since! any other ways to contact them?
Nikola Stanković
Hi guys I'm consuming the api and can't get an answer on a search. Doing the following GET request: https://jitpack.io/api/search?q=gradle-simple&limit=10 result is 200 OK but with an empty response body. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
I want to Publish Multi-module Android projects
Alex Sokol
Can I publish kotlin multiplatform library somehow ?
D. Lowl
Hi there. Is there a way to bump-up/specify version of gradle used for building by jitpack?
'The current Gradle version 4.8.1 is not compatible with the Kotlin Gradle plugin. Please use Gradle 5.3 or newer, or the previous version of the Kotlin plugin.'
D. Lowl
Solved, add the wrapper was enough
Stoycho Petrov
Hi, i have a library from two modules, which i would like to publish, but when i attempt to download it from maven then the jitpack respond with 403. What is the problem ? When first module not depend on second module then there isn't a problem and i can download the library.
Gabriel Baker

So I'm trying to publish an android library, most of the time I get:

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

* What went wrong:
Execution failed for task ':flickr:installDebugAndroidTest'.
> com.android.builder.testing.api.DeviceException: No connected devices!

but occasionally it succeeds amd then trying to access it I get

Failed to resolve: com.github.gabriel403:flickr-kotlin-library:master-SNAPSHOT
How to delete the version of the library specified in https://jitpack.io/inside.
It's settled.