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    renaudcerrato commented #392
giving a error file not found.
Please check and do the needful. thanks
Update library build success What's the reason why you found or used the previous version of the old logic after referencing a method after relying on it?
Viktor Bukovets
hey, is there a way to publish kotlin docs (as html) using "dokka" the same way as the javadoc is published (like "https://jitpack.io/com/github/USER/REPO/MODULE/VERSION/javadoc/" but using dokkaHtml thing for kotlin)? maybe there is a "hack" or something for that? Kinda stuck with javadoc for a project written in kotlin :D
I have tried putting the dokkaHtml artifact "as javadoc", but jitpack needs it to be structured like javadoc to work :(
I'm talking about an android project on github (a library written in kotlin)
Hi, is there a way to add jitpack to artifactory as a remote repository? does not seem to work for the moment
any hints?
maybe the layout is different from let says jcenter
@steve-perkins same problem here
Jc Miñarro
Hello, I am having some issues with my multi-module project, Who can help me?
Hello, is it possible to create a repository without a test task?
I keep getting no build artifacts found]
1 reply
My project requires dependencies that only exist in my local maven repo (spigot buildtools, if you're familiar)
is there any way to fix this?
does GitPack not support Gradle Kotlin (.kts)? because my project's build for https://github.com/Jire/kna is blank (no classes)
Anyone there?

Could not GET 'https://jitpack.io/com/github/hellokitty001/opensource/v1.0/opensource-v1.0.pom'. Received status code 401 from server: Unauthorized

why always 401 ? please help me thank you

Anyone there?
is there a way we can reach out to customer service via phone or 1 to 1 chat?
Any idea why this builds the jar but bombs out after ? https://jitpack.io/com/github/RoinujNosde/SimpleClans/c4a253efb7/build.log
Giuseppe Barbieri
@Jire it does

Hello, we are having issues getting the latest release from our private github repository. This repository has a dependency on another jitpack distribution. The "GET" fails with the following error log:

Subscription is not active right now
Requested subscription: github.com/*
Your subscriptions are listed in https://jitpack.io/w/user
Please contact Support or repository admins if you need assistance.
Your active subscriptions:

We have payed for the year and our subscription is still active. Our user has admin access to both repositories and this has worked perviously. Any idea what's going wrong?

@jitpack-io Do you even respond here?
@jitpack-io Received status code 401 from server: Unauthorized
@jitpack-io My subscription is active but this error is returning Received status code 401 from server: Unauthorized
Giuseppe Barbieri
does jitpack work with non-release tags?
I tried, it does trigger the build, but the fetch fails nonetheless
Even though I have paid for a year and subscription shows active, I recently started seeing this error - "Subscription is not active right now". Please help me resolve the issue.
In a gradle multi-module setup, do you add maven-publish to the library module that you want to build or to the root build.gradle? The build is working but seems like it ignores my group and artifactId that I set and falls back to project name:
Giuseppe Barbieri
you should add to the library module
if the modules apply all the same setup, you may extract that in the root script
also, the publication has its own group and artifactId, which shall be inherited from the top ones though
@jitpack-io Could you give this a look? Still happening to me and a lot of more people. jitpack/jitpack.io#4039
Sinan Güneş
Is there someone who can support
We are trying to subscribe as an organisation.
@jitpack-io ^^
Max Rydahl Andersen
in jbang.dev I support just using urls as a depenency, i.e. //DEPS https://github.com/maxandersen/fluent-process this worked great as most projects had "master" as its default branch, now there is mix of main and master ...any ways to get the default branch, i.e. HEAD symbolic name ?
neither com.github.maxandersen:fluent-process:-SNAPSHOT nor com.github.maxandersen:fluent-process:HEAD-SNAPSHOT seem to work if you only have "main"
Max Rydahl Andersen
@jitpack-io ^
Is jitpack service unavailable now?
Does anyone know why this isn't finding/building an artifact? https://jitpack.io/#KrystilizeNevaDies/Itemize/bdef5600e3
I purchased jitpack, but I purchased it twice, and I want to cancel the one. How can I do it?