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Jakub Roztocil


looking for info on how to get httpie to try http2 by default. is there a flag parameter I'm missing?
I got http2 to work with curl like curl --http2 and works fine confirmed http2 in header for sites that support it, but no dice with httpie and http2 using the github project here:

The experimental httpie-http2 plugin is the only way to get HTTP2 support. It hasn't been updated in two years so I'm not sure how much compatible it is right now. But http verifies HTTP2 protocol being used when the plugin is installed. Note that the plugin needs to be installed in the correct site-packages/ (which might not be the same as your global pip install normally uses).

Not sure why there is a gitter for httpie if no one is answering it. Just a thread full of questions.

Feel free to help making this gitter great again by improving your question-to-answer ratio :cake:

@wgwz what system/shell do you use? This bit doesn't seem to be compatible with your setup: &> /dev/null. Its only purpose is to redirect all output (stdout as well as stderr to /dev/null).
Jakub Roztocil


While in "download mode" is there a way to not create a file if the response body is empty?

No, there's no special handling of empty responses

Unable to call any URLs which are using https
I get the following error : requests.exceptions.ConnectionError: ('Connection aborted.', error(54, 'Connection reset by peer'))
any idea what's wrong with my config, my Python version is 2.7.10
HTTPie 0.9.3
HTTPie data: /Users/XXXX/.httpie
Requests 2.9.1
Pygments 2.0.2
Python 2.7.10 (default, Jul 30 2016, 18:31:42)
[GCC 4.2.1 Compatible Apple LLVM 8.0.0 (clang-800.0.34)] darwin
Kyle Lawlor-Bagcal
@raj2008_twitter did you take a look here?
can you provide a small example which reproduces the issue?
@wgwz Yes I have looked at the details in the URL which you provided , still the same issue. Will provide example soon
Kyle Lawlor-Bagcal
@raj2008_twitter what happens when you http i get a 200 status code. no tweaks to my setup after pip install httpie
@wgwz I get 200 ok with http , but when i try the same with one of my company internal URL i get connection aborted with this error message. http: error: ConnectionError: ('Connection aborted.', error(54, 'Connection reset by peer')) while doing GET request to URL
My company internal url works fine when I used curl command
Kyle Lawlor-Bagcal
ah, well. that's important to mention. bc it must be something internal than :)
perhaps ssl version?
@raj2008_twitter ^
Josiah Grace
Hi, I am having trouble getting a working httpie command for what seems to be a very standard use-case, I think it has to do with output escaping, but it's pretty mystifying, if anyone could help out at all, that would be awesome

working curl

curl -H "Content-Type:application/json" -X POST -d '{"username":"a_username","password":"a_password"}'

non-working httpie

http --json --debug POST $AUTH_URL username=$USERNAME password=$PASSWORD

non-working pipe from jq

http --json --debug POST $AUTH_URL username=$USERNAME password=$PASSWORD
cat auth.json | \
  jq -r '.username=env.USERNAME | .password=env.PASSWORD'
http --json POST $AUTH_URL

debug output

    "allow_redirects": false,
    "auth": "None",
    "cert": "None",
    "data": "{\"username\": \"a_username\", \"password\": \"a_password\"}",
    "files": {},
    "headers": {
        "Accept": "None",
        "Content-Type": "application/json",
        "User-Agent": "None"
    "method": "post",
    "params": {},
    "proxies": {},
    "stream": true,
    "timeout": 30,
    "url": "",
    "verify": true
Josiah Grace
^feel free to ignore, I had the wrong password in my environment variable 🙃 lol
anyone know if its possible to have httpie use an custom referer when in download mode?
Kyle Lawlor-Bagcal
@Dedsec1 that's something specified in the header right? so modifying the header will probably work...
in fact there's a referer header in that example :)
i doubt it would change when in download mode
Hi, is there any curl experts
I'm sending two requests to server - first to get sessionId and with second I'm sending cookies
on second request response is 302
sane results as httpie
Ed Schwab
love httpie, would like to see support for --resolve <host:address> ...
Hi, httpie recognize the param value, but the output is wrong. I send 'http localhost:5984/jointest/_all_docs key=="2"' but the response is like if i sending the request without a parameter value! If I'm sending the request with curl, all is fine.
Matt Fieldhouse
Hi everyone, how do I get the output color scheme shown on the httpie github page? It looks like the same color scheme as Sublime Text's Monokai theme.
Jakub Roztocil

@mfieldhouse the style is called 'fruity'. See http --style=fruity

You can also specify the default style via the config file.

Hi there! I'm having a problem nesting a list in the httpie command. Here is what works in curl curl -k -n -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{ "ipv4addrs":[{"configure_for_dhcp": false,"ipv4addr": ""}],"name": ""}'
I can't seem to get httpie to pass the list for "ipv4addrs":[{"configure_for_dhcp": false,"ipv4addr": ""}] no matter what I tryu
the system comes back and tells me ""List value expected for field: ipv4addrs""
wondering if anyone could help me with passing a list
Hi. I'm brand new to Git and haven't even installed httpie, yet, but I want to report a tiny little issue that caused me quite a headache. I'm working through a python tutorial that uses the Git API to return essentially a directory listing of the repositories. One of the things being returned is the repository's Description. The Description for httpie, and probably many other repositories' descriptions, uses a dash/hyphen character that the Windows console can't map to anything displayable, so my Print command fails with "unicodeencodeerror: charmap can't encode character '\u2013'". That turns out to be the dash between 'client' and 'user-friendly' in the description, where it says "Modern command line HTTP client – user-friendly...". Python is nice enough to tell me the exact spot of the error, so I was able to identify the culprit and find a workaround (thanks, stackoverflow), but other people may be stumped by this and lose interest in learning Python. I wouldn't mention it if it was difficult to fix, but simply replacing that character with something that can be mapped to Windows is all that's needed.
Brian Demers
@jakubroztocil Is there a correct (and easy) way to add cli arguments to httpie plugins?
and it doesn't seem right
I also wanted to stick them in the auth section, but I didn't see a way to do that
Sourav Chatterjee
How do i pipe a json output value to the next http command?
For example...
http POST :3000/signin/frontm | jq has id_token now this should be piped to next http command as a variable
Adarsh J
What does jakubroztocil/httpie#529 need in order get merged? /cc @jakubroztocil - have been waiting on this for close to 9 months.. its a very nice feature to have which improves the UX a bunch
Anthony Olea
Hi everyone, I'm developing a server backend using http streams, I tried to use httpie to curl my route with this command: http -S --pretty=none, but this is not working, I got a the whole response at once when the request finished
Eric Lee
Hi! Is itself open source? I'm interested in running it for a demo I am doing in-house
Rubén Durán Balda
Hi all! I'm trying to write a FormatterPlugin and it would be really useful for me to be able to check the URL as a fallback, since I cannot always trust the minetype. Is there a way I can do that inside the plugin? I tried to check the doc but I didn't find much related to plugins and I'm new to this code so it may take me a while to find out. Thanks!
I have an API endpoint that expects a literal "[abc]" in the path ... but httpie tries to be helpful and percent-encodes it. Is there a way to work around that?
curl -v 'http://localhost/endpoint/\[abc\]'
> GET /endpoint/[abc] HTTP/1.1
http '/endpoint/[abc]' -v
GET /endpoint/%5Babc%5D HTTP/1.1
Elazar Leibovich
Is it possible to configure a specific header to be automatically added to a certain site? Context is, adding security token to all requests to gitlab