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Repo info
    Dongliang Mu
    @jlevy I have changed the pr
    please review it.
    Dongliang Mu
    I have no idea how to separate some commits to another pr.
    Because the commits about Chinese version is so much easy
    So I modify them in one pr.
    Dongliang Mu
    I have changed the pr to English only
    Jichun Liu
    hello, I'm new here
    Hello ~
    Dongliang Mu
    This message was deleted
    Antonio Carlos L. Ortiz
    Hello everyone
    Joshua Levy
    Hello all! I don't spend enough time on Gitter, but am trying to do it more. Do feel free to throw out questions or suggestions here!
    Joshua Levy
    Hi all. I'm trying something new. It seems like the TAOCL could improve if we knew of more common questions people have. I've created a form where anyone can submit a question.
    I've put a link to it as a badge there. Please add any questions you might have! I think once we get a decent number we can organize and add more topics to the guide.
    Hey everyone!
    I'm figuring out, how would I name a certain folder in the /home/ directory to which I would be putting files/folder that I will not be "interacting" with but are very essential. I just want to put organize it and put it into a corner. Or are there existing folders for this purpose which I just don't know? Can someone teach me on naming conventions 'bout this certain topic. Thanks so much!
    Dongliang Mu
    Please remove one stale branch if you have time. @jlevy
    Hello all
    I start learning freecodecamp, can someone tell me if exist any similar project to learn command line / linux?
    Fan Feilong
    some on attack
    hey all
    anyone here?
    Hi ~
    Michael Obeng

    Everytime I attempt to install Netbeans on my linux machine i get this error.

    (trusty)mikeydoesit@localhost:~/Downloads$ ./
    Configuring the installer...
    Searching for JVM on the system...
    Extracting installation data...
    Running the installer wizard...
    An error occured while initializing the NetBeans IDE installer UI.
    Most probably the running JVM is not compatible with the current platform.
    See FAQ at for more information.
    /usr/local/java/jdk1.8.0_121/jre/lib/i386/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    /usr/local/java/jdk1.8.0_121/jre/lib/i386/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    You can get more details about the issue in the installer log file:

    Can anybody help me correct this issue please?

    Jake Pelletier
    sudo yum install libXext?
    Ha, didn't realize that was posted 20 days ago
    Michael Obeng
    @Ghjnut no worries, i managed to sort it out
    can't remember how i did it exactly but it involved trying numerous solutions from various suggested solutions
    appreciate the reply though
    Hi there

    Reading "The art of command line", found that:

    Check what processes are listening via netstat -lntp or ss -plat (for TCP; add -u for UDP).

    man ss:

       -a, --all
             Display both listening and non-listening (for TCP this means established connections) sockets.
      -l, --listening
            Display only listening sockets (these are omitted by default).

    using -l and -a in ss together makes no sense to me...

    Hello everybody
    Ryan L McIntyre
    Hey hey
    segmentation fault : 11 , when i executing host command from my mac..
    Hey guys, Which terminal simulator should I use on my mac for best performance ?
    Aaron Arredondo Sanchez
    @checksecagain iterm2
    Hi guys
    Pranshu Srivastava
    Hola fellow artists
    Hey all, how do you guys manage per-project configuration? I've been using direnv for a while and sorta like it. But it doesn't support aliases or functions, which isn't great
    It's also hard to share between members of a project
    Feels like we need to develop a new tool in this space tbh
    Awesome Tetris in Bash
    @deepgrace tetris using bash, i tested it, freaking cool, Oh men, 👍
    it's fun
    Marcelo Javier Martinez
    hola como estan?