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    Hello guys,
    Is it possible to do i18n with nunjucks?
    Rodrigo Ludgero
    it's possible make something like that, with nunjucks
    <div class="docs-example">
        {% block code_example %}
        {% endblock code_example %}
    and overwrite the block
    like that
    {% include ‘partials/docs/code-example.html' %}
    {% block code_example %}
        <ul class="rl-12 rl-grid-4 rl-small-grid-6 rl-x-small-grid-12">
            <li class="rl-gutter">
                <label for="">Label text</label>
                <input type="text" placeholder="Text" />
            <li class="rl-gutter">
                <label for="">Label text</label>
                <input type="url" disabled="disabled" placeholder="Disabled" />
            <li class="rl-gutter">
                <label for="">Label text</label>
                <input type="text" readonly="readonly" placeholder="Readonly" />
    {% endblock code_example %}
    Rodrigo Ludgero
    or nested extends?
    Jeremy Mack
    can someone help me with this?
    {% include "../../components/hero-banner-1/_hero-banner-1.html" %} nunjucks doesnt seem to like that relative path?
    Hello. Is it possible to add a block to a macro and change that specific block when you import it to a different template ?
    Hi all! Have a happy 2017!
    Jay Pozo
    Hello, any suggestion on how to pass a nunjucks object to javascript in a template?
    Trung Hieu Nguyen
    Erwann Mest
    Is it still alive? :D
    poke @jlongster
    David Boles
    Hello, I'd like to render synchronously but I'd like access to (or just to throw) the 'possible error's that are passed to the callback. Ideas?
    Dario Abdulrehman
    Hi, we would like to spike parsing Nunjucks templates with the goal of possibly translating them to another templating language. I could not find any EBNF grammar for the full language. What is the best source to find a spec of the full syntax of Nunjucks? Thanks.
    Dario Abdulrehman
    ^I would like to *
    Dario Abdulrehman
    Hi, I am impressed with the effect that enabling caching with noCache = false has on the performance of Nunjucks. It achieves very good performance compared to disabling caching.
    Dario Abdulrehman
    According to the docs it is meant to be a client-side optimisation but we are using it for server-side rendering via Rhino on a JVM.
    I wonder if it will be even faster by using Nashorn or delegating the rendering to a NodeJS small service (outside the JVM).

    hello, i am facing a problem adding custom filters. I have configured nunjucks as below :
    index.js --

    const express = require('express');
    const nunjucks = require('nunjucks');
    const port = 3000;
    const app = express();
    nunjucks.configure('views', {
      autoescape: true,
      express: app
    app.set('view engine', 'html');
    const env = new nunjucks.Environment();
    env.addFilter('is_undefined', function(obj) {
      return typeof obj === 'undefined';

    for rendering templates, I am using:

    res.render('register.html', {errors: errors});

    in my template:

    {% if errors|is_undefined %}
      // do something
    {% endif %}

    This is the error I am getting: filter not found: is_undefined

    I searched for threads on ss.o regarding this issue, some answers indicated I need to use env.render()
    instead of res.render(). But as I do that my page doesn't load anymore. Can someone help me??