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risk danger olson
welp, i think i was missing the environment plugin for atom. installed that, re-installed gocode, and it works
chat is great for rubber ducking sometimes
Joe Fitzgerald
@technoweenie nothing to do with the environment package
running gocode close && go get -u github.com/nsf/gocode will always do the trick
had a chat with Nathan Bass on Slack resulting in: joefitzgerald/autocomplete-go#44
in essence: you need to close the gocode daemon after you upgrade go to a new version
risk danger olson
ah, thanks for the context
Alexys Lozada
Hola, muchas gracias @joefitzgerald . Tenía problemas del plugin de autocompetado debido a que había actualizado a la versión 1.7 de GO. Pero con la ejecución del comando gocode close && go get -u github.com/nsf/gocode funcionó perfecto.
Hi @joefitzgerald , thank you, the trick work for me perfect!!!.
Ryan Sullivan
I signed in to also thank you for the gocode close && go get -u github.com/nsf/gocode tip. Fixed my problem perfectly! May I suggest that you add that to the "Having Issues?" section on the git repo. I think that will probably help a good number of people! Thanks again!
Josh Ault
+1 for adding the gocode close part to the README. but I had an issue with code highlighting that I suspect is from the go-plus package but can't figure it out. Large chunks of my code are highlighted in red. does this seem familiar to anyone? can post a screenshot in a second
Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 8.16.00 AM.png
Josh Ault
moved to slack, that seems more active
Loren Hale
@joefitzgerald Wow, I am having the same issue with autocomplete not working anymore. I think it was after upgrading Go. I also used brew this time to install Go. I tried the recommended: gocode close && go get -u github.com/nsf/gocode However this didn't seem to do anything for me.
Joe Fitzgerald
@halorium please use slack in the future (see the topic)
run the golang:update-tools command
bound to ctrl-alt-shift-g u
i.e. press ctrl-alt-shift-g, release, then type u
Beard of War
Anyone else having similar issues? joefitzgerald/go-config#62
Just noticed the move to slack. Sorry!
How to get Autocomplete for go-plus?
i wrote fmt. and nothing showed up
its working.. i just restarted and it worked..
I am facing issues with go-plus where autocomplete of packages aren't working...this is faced on 2018/10/31 10:53:58 rpc: can't find service Server.Exit for gocode package dependencies...anyone know how to fix it?
I just updated go-plus, my autocomplete stopped working, I installed autocomplete-go, go-get and go-config, they are getting removed. seems they are integrated in new verison on go-plus...
how can I make it work
Dmitry Kotik
autocomplete mess: it used to work, after recent updates stopped. Here is what I noticed: it works for objects in scope, but fails to autocomplete on argument objects
@joefitzgerald I ran this
gocode close && go get -u github.com/nsf/gocode
and this started autocompleting for fmt, etc
but I still dont get attribute suggestions for struct variables
This was working before
saurabh hirani
@amalho14 late reply but I ran into the same issue and did a gocode -s -debug to find out my socket file - removed it and ran the gocode close && go get -u github.com/nsf/gocode as per above replies to get it working.
saurabh hirani
@joefitzgerald I second @saikatd - fixing gocode gives basic stuff but struct variables were working before. Is it related to go-plus or some other package.
saurabh hirani
@saikatd - closing gocode, starting it and enabling atom-ide-ui gives full autocompletion.
Tommy Back
i've had go-plus working with autoformatting and including imports etc. i made an update to latest go-plus now and it's not working anymore and i see no errors anywhere. have already tried multiple things to uninstall and reinstall and all kind of combinations in the settings. any suggestions where to start troubleshooting? :)
go-plus 6.10 and atom 1.35
hi all, i am new to golang
trying to follow go.mod
using which i am able to compile project with main package
but does nothing for non-main project
i do … go install ./…
and check $HOME/go/pkg..
there is no new library
any help on this .?
When I start up atom, I get this:
/home/user1/go/bin/gocode stderr: flag provided but not defined: -unimported-packages
Usage: /home/user1/go/bin/gocode [-s] [-f=<format>] [-in=<path>] [-sock=<type>] [-addr=<addr>]
<command> [<args>]
I'm on fedora which uses go 1.13 I'm thinking -unimportant-packages has been depreciated..?
Sorry that's *1.11.13

$ go version
go version go1.11.13 linux/amd64

$ go env
GOGCCFLAGS="-fPIC -m64 -pthread -fmessage-length=0 -fdebug-prefix-map=/tmp/go-build022957457=/tmp/go-build -gno-record-gcc-switches"

Hi, I installed an atom for golang development. Installed go-plus package. But, when doing development auto-complete are not working. Can anyone help me please?
Just upgraded go from 1.11 to 1.14.6 and now auto-complete will not work for any packages. Worked fine before the project imports many packages
Further to previous post when trying to get autocomplete for strings.
/home/john/go/bin/gogetdoc -pos /home/john/go/src/github.com/user/hasu-health/dataservices/libraryEntries.go:#2312 -linelength 999 -json -modified failed with exit code 1.
/home/john/go/bin/gogetdoc stderr: gogetdoc: no documentation found
Resolved. Did a complete load of all go tools and now it is working.
Hey @jrmore