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Jun 2015
Charlie Midtlyng
Jun 30 2015 07:56
Question regarding Combobox:
Activated features: "filter:contains" and "suggest"
Example list: ['1 - Male', '2 - Female']
  • if a user write "Male" and click tab the combobox does not select a value
  • if a user write "1 - M" and click tab the combobox selects correct value
    Is this a wanted feature - is it possible to override the "tab"-keyPress to select the item in focus (if the dialog box is open) ? I'm not able to trigger "select" from outside the component
Jason Quense
Jun 30 2015 15:04
I am not sure the Tab key is the right one for that action
you can use the Enter key to select the current value
also I think some of the inconsistency here is due to using filter and suggest together
they do work together, but are more meant to be used one or the other, since they mostly overlay in their function
it's not really possible to handle all the possible combos of those two together so I just say that that combo is "use at your own risk"
mostly tho the problem is that when a suggestion is found it selected it automatically
in the first case no selection is found, in the second case one is
Charlie Midtlyng
Jun 30 2015 18:40
Ok. thanks. I have to rethink our usage of it. In a "self-written" (built on jQuery-UI autocomplete)-combobox i sort of managed to get it working with both suggest and filter.
Charlie Midtlyng
Jun 30 2015 18:52
I actually doesn't need the "suggest" property.
If I am able to let "Tab" have the same behavior as "Enter" it would solve my issue.