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Jul 2015
Christian Meier
Jul 18 2015 18:54
@rtyler @ysb33r I have this first step for a rspec plugin - wrong repo though but until I did move it to the test plugin I would need some input on those test. I can not really use flat directory repo since the plugin itself adds a "rubygems:rspec:3.3.0" dependency to the configuration.
well, the tests do pass but they are really slow
I tried to get rid of the jcenter() repo since the jars work well with flat-repo. but it seems to be always there unless you go offline.
R. Tyler Croy
Jul 18 2015 18:57
flatrepo? I'm not sure what you're talking about @mkristian
I'll take a look at the rspec work later though
it's lunch time
Christian Meier
Jul 18 2015 18:59
just a second I give you some pointers
Christian Meier
Jul 18 2015 19:07
running offline and this flat-repo works with jars I declare inside the plugin - like jruby-complete but with gems like rspec they are not found on this flat-repo. but they are copied there by the test setup