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Nov 2015
R. Tyler Croy
Nov 03 2015 15:25
@mkristian I talked a bit with Hans at JavaOne and stressed the need for the ability to extend the repository and dependency support in Gradle
they've apparently been closely following jruby/gradle, they knew all about your work with the jetty embed :-!
Christian Meier
Nov 03 2015 15:43
@rtyler I had the such a weird feeling on my forum question :). hey somehow jruby- is still not released :(
R. Tyler Croy
Nov 03 2015 15:50
I noticed :/
BTW! I'm using JRuby/Gradle for the new jenkins project site :D
Schalk W. Cronjé
Nov 03 2015 16:03
R. Tyler Croy
Nov 03 2015 16:13
I've not yet been able to make continuous build or awestruct's built in guard/serve thing work