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Nov 2015
Jeremy Deininger
Nov 05 2015 00:15 is this example incorrect now that jruby-gradle-jar-plugin no longer exists?
i had a similar that worked yesterday, but today, it can't find the jar plugin anymore
maven must have deleted it
Schalk W. Cronjé
Nov 05 2015 00:18
jar plugin still exists. It is just that the projects on github has been merged into one gradle multi-project build
let me check the plugin id
R. Tyler Croy
Nov 05 2015 03:58
@jeremyd if the documentation on the site is out of date, will you file an issue for me so I don't forget by tomorrow morning
my stack is smashed for today :/
Schalk W. Cronjé
Nov 05 2015 11:32
rtyler @rtyler checks it out