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Jul 2016
Schalk W. Cronjé
Jul 13 2016 13:48
@rtyler , @mkristian I'm just looking at upgrading the build to using Gradle 2.14 and upgrading compatibility testing to use GradleTest 1.0-beta3.
I eant to see if ti is a feasible solution and whether it will surface any bugs in GradleTest.
Christian Meier
Jul 13 2016 13:52
keep me informed with the outcome
Schalk W. Cronjé
Jul 13 2016 14:43
Managed to find one bug in beta3 so far, related to the fact that some of the current gradleTest directories contain dashes.
Also had to correct some code in jruby-base so that it could be backwards-compatible if compiled with Gradle 2.14