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Sep 2016
R. Tyler Croy
Sep 03 2016 00:29
hrm, one test failure left
com.github.jrubygradle.JRubyExecIntegrationSpec.Running a script that requires a gem, a separate JRuby and a separate configuration
jruby: No such file or directory -- gem (LoadError)
that's no good
R. Tyler Croy
Sep 03 2016 00:35
I wonder if this is directory related too
R. Tyler Croy
Sep 03 2016 00:41
yep, definitely related to the spaces
Schalk W. Cronjé
Sep 03 2016 07:09
@rtyler I see your fix. I wonder whether is standard Java behaviour. Otherwise I'll mention it on Groovy ML.
R. Tyler Croy
Sep 03 2016 14:28
@ysb33r the deprecated notice (see commit) on toURL() specifically says that it doesn't escape