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May 2017
André Rouél
May 04 2017 08:30
@raelik thank you for the response.
May 04 2017 11:20
@raelik so far I have only tried the base plugin and the context is running within Intellij IDEA , I have tried setting IDEA to delegate all build/run actions to gradle but what happens is that upon IDEA gradle plugin refresh, it downloads gradle compile dependencies but it does not seem to download gems dependencies i.e. they do show up under external libraries in IDEA, also the Jruby module i.e. the folder setup by IDEA as a Jruby capable / aware source becomes disconnected , I then have to force a manual re-apply of the particular RVM Jruby version I'm using for IDEA to be again aware of the RB file as JRuby i.e. intellisense etc become again availalble, once I do that gems will then show up under IDEAs external libraries, I also bumped into generateGradleRB and that apparently downloaded and cached the Gem dependencies, so not sure if that did the download or if gradle build did. Not used the Jar plugin I thought that was applicable if one wanted to create a jar for the project. Do you all use IDEA or do you work of RubyMine ? thanks, eager to get back on Jruby much closer to Smalltalk than Groovy but Gradle is now our builder because of the polyglot nature of our projects i.e. Jruby, Groovy, Kotlin

@raelik btw, i tested downloading with Sinatra, Faker and colorize, Sinatra and Faker will eventually show up under the IDEA external libraries folder under the Project view but colorize does not perhaps that is a failure of how it was specified in the build file :

dependencies {
gems 'rubygems:sinatra:1.4.5'
gems 'rubygems:faker:1.7.3'
gems 'rubygems:colorize:0.8.1'
compile "net.corda:core:0.10.1"
compile "org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-stdlib:0.10.1"
testCompile group: 'junit', name: 'junit', version: '4.12'

Blane Dabney
May 04 2017 19:00
@amiracam so one thing you can do is to add this before your dependencies: configurations { compile { extendsFrom gems } }
that will ensure that the gems get included as compile dependencies.