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May 2017
May 09 2017 10:26
@raelik the jrubyJar {from 'src' } encounters an issue where from according to IDEA cannot be resolved, also how do I override the default JRuby version ?
May 09 2017 10:35
@mkristian what I was wondering if that lack of those tasks was somehow the culprit to my issue where every time I do a Gradle plugin refresh in IDEA ,said JRuby module that was setup for my Jruby code i.e. within my polyglot project where in the build.gradle I have also applied java,groovy, becomes disconnected i.e. unaware that it is a Jruby module, in other words IDEA forgets that the .rb files are Ruby, e.g. IDEA fails to recognize keywords such as require and include, I then have to manually re-apply the Gem Manager for that module under IDEA's Project Structure
Blane Dabney
May 09 2017 15:37
@amiracam Are you still just using the base plugin, or did you switch to the jar plugin?