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May 2017
Christian Meier
May 12 2017 03:49
@amiracam I am not at all familiar with rvm and gemsets. what could the jruby-gradle plugin provide so you do not need to do it by hand ?
May 12 2017 10:58
@mkristian the short and useless answer is that it needs to put the gemset currently deposited under ./build/gem or copy of, somewhere where IDEA can pick it up, which would be a gemset under a local Ruby SDK. Perhaps if after Jruby-gradle retrieves the gems if it were to simply do local gem installs, I would just need to assure that I'm on the desired Jruby context. That's what I do with bundler anyhow. I open the terminal window from within IDEA and depending on what RVM sdk I desire I'll do as follows e.g. :
rvm use jruby- this puts that sdk as the current context meaning that any subsequent gem installs will target that SDK, so given that I had done as much then I would do:
gradle build
if you inlined a task so that gem installs were performed for all retrieved gems then those would go into the current Jruby/Ruby.
May 12 2017 14:39
@mkristian @raelik btw, JetBrains has accepted to create a ticket to look into doing their part to support the correct integration of the JRuby-Gradle plugin into their ecosystem. See here:
Blane Dabney
May 12 2017 18:32
@amiracam excellent!