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Feb 2018
Angelos Georgiadis
Feb 23 2018 17:02

hi guys,
could you help me on this please?
I've been trying to JRubyExec the following in my build.gradle:

task(bundleInstall, type: JRubyExec) {
    workingDir file('somewhere/with/a/gemfile')
    script 'bundle'
    scriptArgs 'install'

but it seems to be breaking on a native extension with the following error message

Fetching fast_blank 1.0.0
Installing fast_blank 1.0.0 with native extensions
Gem::Ext::BuildError: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.
Christian Meier
Feb 23 2018 17:28
@georgim0 with jruby you can not use gem which build a native extension when the gem gets installed. quite a few such gems do have a jruby alternative or a java-platform version of the gem but not all. fast_blank seems to be explicitly using some c-optimized code :(
in short you can not use fast_blank with jruby
Blane Dabney
Feb 23 2018 17:36
@georgim0 You might wanna try
specifically, the jruby branch
There's been some back and forth on integrating that into the mainline gem: SamSaffron/fast_blank#21
R. Tyler Croy
Feb 23 2018 17:42
hey people are awake
that's fun
Blane Dabney
Feb 23 2018 17:42