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Jul 2018
Schalk W. Cronjé
Jul 31 2018 10:03
@mkristian Do you know where this code went sonatype/nexus-oss@d9e705b I am trying to find te latest version in the nexus codebase as it can have relevance to solving some rubygem resolving issues.
Christian Meier
Jul 31 2018 12:29
@ysb33r this was one thing I got stuck when jdk9 came out. what I did so far was to move this code to and make it jdk9 compatible
next I never did to change: to use the rubygems-tools from above. then we can use the latest rubygems-servlets from the gradle-plugin and get jdk9 support
Schalk W. Cronjé
Jul 31 2018 12:39
@mkristian I have an idea. Instead of using servlet at all or going trhough a Maven proxy, let's implement a SelfResolvingDependency. Then we can go to directly (or any other GEM repo i.e. Artifactory Pro). We can cache the conversion in the Gradle cache.
Ideally we should be able to use Gradle's resolving capability + your GemResolver, but even now the correct APIs are still not exposed.
BTW I used the SelfResolvingDependency to something similar to resolve dependencies from NPM,
Christian Meier
Jul 31 2018 12:51
yes I am very much for not starting a complete server during the build. do you have some code where I can look into this SelfResolvingDependency ? sounds really what we want to have
it relies on one internal API. I have an issue open with Gradle on that.
R. Tyler Croy
Jul 31 2018 14:55
@ysb33r is SelfResolvingDependency a new feature added in a recent Gradle release?
Schalk W. Cronjé
Jul 31 2018 16:13
@mkristian Has been there since at least 3.0. We should kick out anything below 3.0 now. (In the PR I am preparing this will happen anyway).
Blane Dabney
Jul 31 2018 16:23
:+1: on this :D
Not having to have a full Jetty servlet runner starting up during my deploys would be VERY nice.
rtyler @rtyler waves
Schalk W. Cronjé
Jul 31 2018 16:41
@mkristian Just one thing on the SelfResolvingDependency: We'll need to introduce a keyword (say gem) in order to use the dependencies block correctly. This will be sol that is can create a new (say) GemDependency.