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Aug 2018
Christian Meier
Aug 01 2018 06:45
@ysb33r so this breaks current build.gradle but when we get this working we still can decide how to proceed with backward compatibility
Schalk W. Cronjé
Aug 01 2018 13:33
@mkristian Yes, it will, but let's go for the breakage and a big version upgrade.
I got really fed-up last night with some tests breaking, becasue the code-base it in a bit of a funny state atm, and was feeling like just rippign stuf out, but I held back as I just one my initial PR to get to master so that we can have just one more minor release out.
Christian Meier
Aug 01 2018 14:28
@ysb33r wanted to fix the one new issue with the = in the version and then we can see to get a minor release out. but nothing I can do before Sunday !
R. Tyler Croy
Aug 01 2018 15:09
Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest I thought :P
Christian Meier
Aug 01 2018 15:58
@rtyler usually is ;)