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Dec 2018
Nikolay Antonov
Dec 05 2018 08:42
Does this plugin allows to run jruby as standalone app? I can see discussion in jruby-gradle-plugin/issues/132 however I cannot find GenerateGradleRb in plugin
Blane Dabney
Dec 05 2018 17:08
@ostinru So I do this with my Gradle setup in my jRuby projects
@ostinru The way I do it is to have my gradle build a single artifact jar containing jruby, all of my jar dependencies, and all of my gem dependencies.
I'm using the jar plugin, btw
the default behavior for that is a runnable jar that uses jruby-mains to behave like the command-line ruby
Blane Dabney
Dec 05 2018 17:14
so I write a wrapper that runs that jar with the JVM args I want. My actual Ruby files sit on the filesystem, and getting that to work properly requires setting these env vars before running that jar: export RUBYOPT="" export JARS_LOCK=uri:classloader://Jars.lock
I also do this in my build.gradle: configurations { jrubyJar { extendsFrom gems, runtime } }
and then I use the runtime configuration to specify Java jar dependencies for my project