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    AndyObtiva opened #6958
  • Dec 02 22:41

    enebo on new_sprintf

    Explicit width can mark rightpa… More test_sprintf_comb.rb fixes (compare)

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    enebo on master

    Make split-super errors slightl… Merge pull request #6957 from b… (compare)

  • Dec 02 22:29
    enebo closed #6957
  • Dec 02 22:29
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  • Dec 02 16:32

    enebo on jruby-9.3

    Update for next dev cycle (compare)

  • Dec 02 16:29

    enebo on


Cris Shupp
Charles Oliver Nutter
@cshupp1 Any help you can provide would be great... we recommend that adapter for all JRuby+Oracle users but we don't have a lot of experience using it ourselves
I think @annabackiyam_twitter also stopped by the Matrix channel, so if we could move discussion there that would be great too
It is possible for to ROR project to integrate into java.
Blane Dabney
@manvendrakumarsingh The short answer is yes. The longer answer depends on what exactly you mean by that.
Hey i was wondering if anyone could help me out. I'm having some issues downloading the JRuby Windows Executable (x64) file. keep getting an internal error code 20. Any thoughts?
Abel Salgado Romero
Hi, I sent a PR for the jruby-maven-plugins for an issue opened 25 days ago and none got any answer form mkristian? Without the, the plugins don't work with jruby 9.2.10.x or higher. Is there anyone else than can review it?
Abel Salgado Romero
Sorry to bother again, but still no answer about the PR torquebox/jruby-maven-plugins#106. Is there really no one arrond to check. The issue it tries to fix means no more jruby-plugin for latests version of jruby
Charles Oliver Nutter
@nzakaluk @abelsromero @JV81608177_twitter Sorry nobody responded but we have largely moved our chat to Matrix. If you still have questions or issues, you can join us there or on Freenode IRC #jruby that is proxied to Matrix: jruby.org/chat
that autolink may not work so here's another: https://www.jruby.org/chat
Rohit Jangid
Is this group active?
No @rohitjangid chat here has moved to Matrix. See https://www.jruby.org/chat
Romain Manni-Bucau
if it can help: rubygems.org seems broken, http://rubygems-proxy.torquebox.org/releases/ can replace it (temporarly i guess)
Charles Oliver Nutter
@rmannibucau I think you are referring to the gems being installed via mavengem plugin, yes? Hoping to get that fixed and a release out soon... something change on rubygems.org over the summer that broke it.
And yeah like @chemturion said please join Matrix, as we are not really monitoring this very often anymore
Oleksiy Kovyrin
Hello, everybody

I think I have a definitive proof of JRuby's Thread.current object changing in the middle of a process run... Like, local block-level variables remain the same, everything works as expected, but Thread.current is completely different (different ruby object instance, different object_id, different thread-local contents, etc) at the end of the method compared to the value at the beginning of the same method. This completely breaks my mental model of how computers work. Anybody else seen or experience anything like that?

P.S. In case it is relevant:

  • The thread where it happens is a jruby running within jetty, specifically a jruby-rack-worker thread
Oleksiy Kovyrin
Specific scenario where I'm observing (I was not able to reproduce it outside of our application):
  • 4 jruby rack workers are started using jruby.worker.script=SharedTogo::Workers.start_all!
  • Each logs its thread_id at the beginning, then goes into an infinite loop, periodically checking a Concurrent::AtomicBoolean shutdown flag
  • An at_exit block is used to set the shutdown flag to true
  • When the workers notice the flag, they exit the loop and log their thread id - at this point it is completely different and the worker has lost its thread-local variables
Oh, and one more weird factoid: Thread.list at the end of the method contains a single value in each thread - the new thread object for each thread. Meaning in each of 4 worker threads Thread.list == [Thread.current]
Another useful tidbit (I think): Java thread name and thread id remains the same all throughout this mess.
Oleksiy Kovyrin
Oh, just noticed a message about Matrix, moving there
Charles Oliver Nutter
@kovyrin Glad you found us 😀
Gustavo Pares
Hello all!