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Repo info
    Leo Benkel
    @jrudolph Thanks for all your help !
    Dario Abdulrehman
    Hi, I'd like to create a graph of dependencies for multiple repos (within an organisation), by merging multiple graphs. From time to time we need to test library upgrades in the organisation and it would be nice to analyse dependencies as a whole. Is there a clever way to create a multiproject build just for the purpose of using sbt-dependency-graph's tasks, or is there another way? I could also attempt to run sbt-dependency-graph on each repo to output each graph in .dot format and use some tool to merge the graphs.
    Johannes Rudolph
    @dabd maybe it would suffice if you'd create one meta-project that depended on all your organizations modules? What information do you want to get out of it?
    Leo Benkel
    Can't you save it as a ...what's the extension... Dot ? The format where you have node1 -> node2 in the file ? You could then run it on all your project and concatenate the output.
    Dario Abdulrehman
    @jrudolph I want to quickly check across the organization which repos depend on a given module, possibly a transitive dependency. The organization has hundreds of repos.
    Is there a way to get the dependency tree of a fat/assembly jar? From what I can tell, dependencyTree/whatDependsOn include dependencies marked as provided
    i.e., it doesn't seem to differentiate between provided scope and compile scope
    Daniel Gordon
    I get something like this when I try to run dependencyBrowseGraph or the html version:
    [error] (compile:dependencyBrowseGraphHtml) java.util.NoSuchElementException: key not found: ModuleId(org.scala-sbt.temp,temp-resolve-33d2b8e
    Manu Zhang
    @DanielGGordon Could you provide versions of sbt-dependency-graph and sbt ?
    Daniel Gordon
    @manuzhang it was 0.9.2. I downgraded to 0.8.2 and did not face this issue again.
    Manu Zhang
    @DanielGGordon Mine is 0.9.0 and it runs fines. What's your SBT version then ?
    Jakub Kozłowski
    Hi, just wanted to confirm: the plugin works across all sbt 1.x versions, not only 1.0.x, right? 1.0.x is mentioned in the readme but AFAIK it should work with newer releases as well.
    John Sweet
    Hi - we've been hitting Java OOM trying to generate dependency trees for several of our repos. I don't see that issue listed in https://github.com/jrudolph/sbt-dependency-graph/issues - are we the only ones?
    Oliver Hechtl
    Hi, I've created a minor PR which sets the dependencyBrowseGraph 's output display width to dynamic instead of the fixed 1024.
    Can you take a look please?
    Laurent Valdes
    Hi people, I have the following error while launching whatDependsOn on an aggregate repository:
    sbt:Exchange> whatDependsOn io.kamon kamon-bundle_2.13 2.0.1 [error] stack trace is suppressed; run last adselection / Compile / whatDependsOn for the full output [error] stack trace is suppressed; run last bidder / Compile / whatDependsOn for the full output [error] (adselection / Compile / whatDependsOn) java.util.NoSuchElementException: key not found: ModuleId(com.powerspace.exchange,targeting-persistence_2.13,1.161.1) [error] (bidder / Compile / whatDependsOn) java.util.NoSuchElementException: key not found: ModuleId(com.powerspace.exchange,targeting-persistence_2.13,1.161.1) [error] Total time: 4 s, completed 20 déc. 2019 18:58:37
    any idea ?
    is that a bug or something which is not done right on my side ?
    Hi, upon adding the statement addDependencyTreePlugin with sbt 1.5.5 I get this error:
     sbt.librarymanagement.ResolveException: Error downloading org.scala-sbt:sbt-dependency-tree;sbtVersion=1.0;scalaVersion=2.13:1.5.5
    [error]   Not found
    [error]   Not found
    [error]   not found: /Users/myuser/.ivy2/localorg.scala-sbt/sbt-dependency-tree/scala_2.13/sbt_1.0/1.5.5/ivys/ivy.xml
    [error]   not found: https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/org/scala-sbt/sbt-dependency-tree_2.13_1.0/1.5.5/sbt-dependency-tree-1.5.5.pom
    [error]   not found: https://jcenter.bintray.com/org/scala-sbt/sbt-dependency-tree_2.13_1.0/1.5.5/sbt-dependency-tree-1.5.5.pom
    [error]   not found: https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/snapshots/org/scala-sbt/sbt-dependency-tree_2.13_1.0/1.5.5/sbt-dependency-tree-1.5.5.pom
    [error]         at lmcoursier.CoursierDependencyResolution.unresolvedWarningOrThrow(CoursierDependencyResolution.scala:258)
    Can you please help me in finding the cause?
    This is the build file I am using:
    import com.typesafe.sbt.SbtScalariform._
    import scalariform.formatter.preferences._
    val SlickVersion = "3.3.3"
    name := "website"
    version := "9.0.0"
    val SilhouetteVersion = "7.0.1"
    val  PostgreSQLJDBCVersion = "42.3.1"
    val PlayVersion = "2.8.8"
    scalaVersion := "2.13.7"
    resolvers += Resolver.jcenterRepo
    resolvers += "Sonatype snapshots" at "https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/snapshots/"
    libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
      "org.postgresql" % "postgresql" % PostgreSQLJDBCVersion,
      "com.typesafe.slick" %% "slick-hikaricp" % SlickVersion,
      "io.github.honeycomb-cheesecake" % "play-silhouette_2.13" % SilhouetteVersion,
      "io.github.honeycomb-cheesecake" % "play-silhouette-password-bcrypt_2.13" % SilhouetteVersion,
      "io.github.honeycomb-cheesecake" %  "play-silhouette-persistence_2.13" % SilhouetteVersion,
      "io.github.honeycomb-cheesecake" %  "play-silhouette-crypto-jca_2.13" % SilhouetteVersion,
      "io.github.honeycomb-cheesecake" %  "play-silhouette-totp_2.13" % SilhouetteVersion,
      "org.webjars" % "webjars-play_2.13" % "2.8.8-1",
      "org.webjars" % "bootstrap" % "5.1.3" exclude("org.webjars", "jquery"),
      "org.webjars" % "jquery" % "3.6.0",
      "net.codingwell" %% "scala-guice" % "5.0.2",
      "com.iheart" %% "ficus" % "1.5.1",
      "com.typesafe.play" %% "play-mailer" % "8.0.1",
      "com.typesafe.play" %% "play-mailer-guice" % "8.0.1",
      "com.enragedginger" %% "akka-quartz-scheduler" % "1.9.2-akka-2.6.x",
      "com.adrianhurt" %% "play-bootstrap" % "1.6.1-P28-B4",
      "io.github.honeycomb-cheesecake" %  "play-silhouette-testkit_2.13" % SilhouetteVersion,
      specs2 % Test,
    lazy val root = (project in file(".")).enablePlugins(PlayScala)
    routesImport += "utils.route.Binders._"
    TwirlKeys.templateImports := Seq()
    scalacOptions ++= Seq(
      "-deprecation", // Emit warning and location for usages of deprecated APIs.
      "-feature", // Emit warning and location for usages of features that should be imported explicitly.
      "-unchecked", // Enable additional warnings where generated code depends on assumptions.
      "-Xfatal-warnings", // Fail the compilation if there are any warnings.
      "-Ywarn-dead-code", // Warn when dead code is identified.
      "-Ywarn-numeric-widen", // Warn when numerics are widened.
    // Scalariform settings
    scalariformAutoformat := true
    ScalariformKeys.preferences := ScalariformKeys.preferences.value
      .setPreference(FormatXml, false)
      .setPreference(DoubleIndentConstructorArguments, false)
      .setPreference(DanglingCloseParenthesis, Preserve)
    adding it in this way to library dependencies libraryDependencies += "org.scala-sbt" % "sbt-dependency-tree" % "1.6.0-RC1"
    generates also the following error:
    [error]   Not found
    [error]   Not found
    [error]   not found: /Users/myuser/.ivy2/localorg.scala-sbt/sbt-dependency-tree/1.6.0-RC1/ivys/ivy.xml
    [error]   not found: https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/org/scala-sbt/sbt-dependency-tree/1.6.0-RC1/sbt-dependency-tree-1.6.0-RC1.pom
    [error]   not found: https://jcenter.bintray.com/org/scala-sbt/sbt-dependency-tree/1.6.0-RC1/sbt-dependency-tree-1.6.0-RC1.pom
    [error]   not found: https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/snapshots/org/scala-sbt/sbt-dependency-tree/1.6.0-RC1/sbt-dependency-tree-1.6.0-RC1.pom
    FYI: The problem got solved by putting the following line in the plugins.sbt and removing the addDependencyTreePlugin from build.sbt
    addSbtPlugin("org.scala-sbt" % "sbt-dependency-tree" % "1.6.0-RC1")
    Now sbt dependencyTree works fine