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Jul 2015
David Paquet Pitts
Jul 10 2015 00:17
Any tips on to write unit test for my resources without hitting the real DB? Do you guys just replace the adapter ?
Jason Dobry
Jul 10 2015 00:23
That's one way to do it
probably the best way
I myself just prefer to write integration tests, but the requires the extra setup and teardown of test database data
Andrew E. Rhyne
Jul 10 2015 06:46
@jmdobry u still online man?
DSRevert doesn't seem to exist on my models...
Is this a doc error?
Jason Dobry
Jul 10 2015 13:34
DS#revert was added in 2.2.0. The latest docs are at 2.2.0. The 2.0.0 docs don't contain any reference to DS#revert.