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Repo info
    Remy Sharp
    Yeah…me neither.
    I think I might chalk that down to: clear all the caches, and mozy on.
    I had a demo for you to see (ft might like it), but I’ll drop you an email
    Kent C. Dodds
    Hi @remy, I think that the shortcuts may be a little out of date: https://jsbin.com/help/keyboard-shortcuts
    specifically the one to highlight and place multiple cursors on matching words
    cmd + d deletes the current line.
    would love to have that feature though!
    also cmd + shift + down/up simply selects all the text up and down, it doesn't move the current line (would love this as well!)
    Also, cmd + shift + ? pops up the help in Chrome rather than the keyboard shortcut list
    Chet Harrison
    how would I go about adding this lib to a bin? https://github.com/folktale/data.validation/blob/master/lib/index.js
    Chet Harrison
    the instructions at https://jsbin.com/help/adding-custom-libraries are helpful. I have a library that depends on Ramda (one of the libs listed in your defaults). How do I know the order in which these libs are loaded and how does jsbin deal with AMD and CommonJs modules?
    Chet Harrison
    @remy ?
    sheena isawsum
    Hey all!
    @remy Hey where are you located?
    Manish Giri
    Hi! Is there a way to change the theme of the console to dark?
    Hello JS pirates! :D
    I have a question that I've been stuck with for over a week
    How to add/subtract dates in JavaScript?
    The dates/times are written in this formula
    Serg Nesterov

    @mais-hatem there's no built-in functions for adding/subtracting dates in JavaScript, but there are libraries, like date-fns or Moment.js

    Although after taking a stab at solving your problem, it seems like the biggest issue will be parsing that formula you have for dates. If you can instead enforce a more standardized format for your input, it will reduce amount of code considerably.

    Manish Giri
    Is there any way to name your bins, so you could search for them later? Something like what codepen has.
    yes there is
    file > add desciption
    Eugene Serkin
    Good day everyone
    Eugene Serkin
    I was wondering are there any news regarding directory support in jsbin, like in plunkr or codepen new projects feature?
    why don’t register jsbin use GitHub account
    Because GitHub oAuth hasn't been added yet assuming
    suddenlly my account died and i cant login with internal server error message
    Same here! can't login - internal server error - please help! need to access my saved bins...
    At any rate...does anyone know how to backup tons of saved bins w/o having to go to each and every one to save as a gist?