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May 2015
Max Stoiber
May 21 2015 07:09
Would there be interest in a talk about privacy, especially focussing on email-encryption/PGP? I think it’s a very important topic not many people know about, and I believe that is mostly because it’s very inaccessible. I can try changing that!
Matteo Figus
May 21 2015 13:38
@Charlotteis I submitted a talk about how we do front-end at opentable, we built a framework to transform opinionated npm modules to components! Hopefully it would be interesting
Jan Lehnardt
May 21 2015 18:40
@mxstbr if it is not a PGP 101 talk, yes
Thomas Brekelmans
May 21 2015 20:10
I just read back a little on this gitter and saw this: (posted yesterday)
the other day some people were asking about "the state of modern JavaScript" articles, the difference between react, amd, webpack etc. I think that would actually be a pretty good talk
yeah, this!
make it a good angry rant, and I’m game :D
The proposal I sent in is sort of aimed at this. It's not so much about concretely comparing several current technologies, but more about talking about general principles of good (web) software architecture and best practises which can help you in comparing and evaluating those technologies yourself. And even better, adapt them (or their ideas) into your own tools and frameworks, tailored for your product(s). It's called "Jumping from the shoulders of giants" to kind of hint to this idea. :)
Oh and it is pretty opinionated in some of the examples we plan to use of "bad" architecture and how to improve upon or stay away from those. :smile: