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Dec 2014
Dec 21 2014 07:05
@dougwilson @rlidwka were you guys going to try to finish this or should i attempt? iojs/io.js#56
or does someone else want to attempt?
Douglas Wilson
Dec 21 2014 16:37
@jonathanong yes, if you can, please! My work laptop ended up being reimaged and I still haven't gotten around to installing Python and the build chain necessary to build io.js
Alex Kocharin
Dec 21 2014 18:34
@jonathanong , yeah, please do that if you can. I lost track of what's needed to do there, and I'm kind of busy with another thing. Oh by the way, do we need an http protocol parser in jshttp? :)
Dec 21 2014 22:33
i do not volunteer as tribute