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I'm glad I found it ;)
But I got troubles, trying to install resume-cli. I got errors from chick307/adler32cs.js and andyinabox/FileSaver.js (Permission denied (publickey) for both)
anyway, if someone is still alive here, and interested by... doing stuff on it, I'm available (at resume@arnaud.so)
Victor Villas
Hey fellas, just wanted to thank you for the thought and work you put on this project. I experimented a bit on it the past and plan on trying again in soon. Hopefully by January I'll have some free time to pick up some contributions.

Wow, this is awesome! Just what I was looking for!

Question: Is there any way to have formatting and links within "fields"? E.g., what if I want some words italic within a job summary, and some words to link to websites?

(Sorry if this is a stupid question, I'm a bit of a noob)

Michael Grosser
@dzg this needs to be done within the theme. We are working on other options, but that is still in the works.
Saad Quadri
Is a superset of the schema valid?
Meaning if I followed the JSON schema, and had an additional key/val in the basics for example, would that be okay or would it cause issues?
Saad Quadri
Also, have the same question about using a subset of the schema
or should I be adding empty arrays/objects for the properties of the schema I don’t use? like ”volunteer”: []etc
been trying to get my resume deleted or at least password reset for some time -- any assistance?
@stp-ip perhaps ? ^
Bill Wanjohi
How does one determine precisely what version of the schema a particular theme will use to render a resume?
Tarun Telang
getting the following error on resume test >
at C:\Users\ttelang\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\resume-cli\node_modules\z-schema\src\ZSchema.js:1598:22
at Object.forEach (C:\Users\ttelang\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\resume-cli\node_modules\z-schema\src\ZSchema.js:195:34)
at ZSchema.properties (C:\Users\ttelang\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\resume-cli\node_modules\z-schema\src\ZSchema.js:1596:19)
at C:\Users\ttelang\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\resume-cli\node_modules\z-schema\src\ZSchema.js:1181:43
at Object.forEach (C:\Users\ttelang\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\resume-cli\node_modules\z-schema\src\ZSchema.js:195:34)
at finish (C:\Users\ttelang\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\resume-cli\node_modules\z-schema\src\ZSchema.js:1176:19)
at ZSchema._validateSchema (C:\Users\ttelang\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\resume-cli\node_modules\z-schema\src\ZSchema.js:1225:20)
at ZSchema.items (C:\Users\ttelang\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\resume-cli\node_modules\z-schema\src\ZSchema.js:1523:22)
at C:\Users\ttelang\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\resume-cli\node_modules\z-schema\src\ZSchema.js:1181:43
at Object.forEach (C:\Users\ttelang\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\resume-cli\node_modules\z-schema\src\ZSchema.js:195:34)
at finish (C:\Users\ttelang\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\resume-cli\node_modules\z-schema\src\ZSchema.js:1176:19)
at ZSchema._validateSchema (C:\Users\ttelang\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\resume-cli\node_modules\z-schema\src\ZSchema.js:1225:20)
getting valid JSON as response while validating my resume.json with JSONlint
can some one please suggest how to proceed
thanks in advance..
themes.jsonresume.org has seemed to throw a 502 for the past few months, is there a mirror available somewhere or is this a known issue ?
Wahid Shafique
same as Ryan, is there a way to just get the themes locally?
Connor Maynes
Are people still working on this standarD?
Any movement with the PROJECTS subsection in work/volunteer/...
Michael Grosser
Me personally am trying to iterate on the data standard and new tooling in the resumic project: https://github.com/resumic/schema
Early, but we are making progress.
Michael Grosser
The hope is that once we finalize something we can merge this back into the json resume project.
Rafael Bardini
I've recently published a fork of resume-cli compatible with the bleeding edge resume schema, and a new theme supporting the projects section that can be used with it. You can find a working example at https://github.com/rbardini/resume.rbardini.com
If there is any interest in merging these changes back to the official repository, please let me know. I decided to publish them because it's been a long time since the schema or CLI got new versions released to npm, and I really wanted to add projects to my resume :)
Michael Grosser
Awesome to see this. There is work being done on a new schema over at https://github.com/resumic/schema, which hopefully will be only the data standard and can be contributed back. We got stuck with quite a bit of discussion at jsonresume and deadlocked a bit.
Happy to see you doing work on bringing the idea back to life.
@rbardini do you have an example on the new theme looks?
Ah sorry missed the example ;)
Rafael Bardini
No problem :) It's based on jsonresume-theme-flat so it looks pretty much the same, with a few small improvements (and support for the latest resume schema)
Michael Grosser
@rbardini do you mind, if I ping you after we have a first alpha iteration of the resumic schema? Would love to get some feedback before we iterate further.
Rafael Bardini
@stp-ip not at all :) I'd love to contribute.
Michael Grosser
@rbardini We are currently refactoring our code, but the first generated schema.json is ready in a PR. We use a Go struct as single source of truth so we can iterate faster later. https://github.com/resumic/schema/blob/ea384136a2a52c2abba8291e15d83de394e49ce2/schema.json
It has some more features than jsonresume v1.0.0 integrated. Let me know what you think is missing from a schema perspective or what might need improvement.
It's still a wip, but happy to get feedback already.
Rafael Bardini
@stp-ip nice to see the progress :) Here are my thoughts:
  1. Shouldn't certificate be a plural, since it's an array? Either way, maybe it could become a certifications section (or drop it in favor of education)
  2. core sounds too technical and not very clear. What about bio or personal?
  3. Do locations only accept lat and long fields? I think they should complement addresses.
  4. If I permanently live in my current location, should I fill both permanentLocation and currentLocation? Maybe location and temporaryLocation would be easier to understand.
  5. Is there a way to add links to profiles in social networks? It could have a core.profiles section, or rename core.url to core.urls (array).
  6. Consider accepting display names for URLs (they can get really long and ugly), and adding the url field to education (e.g. university website) and other sections.
Michael Grosser
  1. a. Good point re: certificates. If you want, open an issue for it.
  2. b. Education is usually different than certifications as these might also include visa, law license etc.
  3. Good point. If you want, open an issue for it.
  4. On the data site only lat + long. The frontend will support addresses most likely via reverse geocoding. But lat, long is more specific as a data format we thought. Happy to also add a string field so. We also want to add a helper js library that handles the conversion of address <-> lat+long and date handling etc.
  5. Personally I have a different viewpoint. The permanentLocation might not be your living location, but your main postal one. That's why permanentLocation was separate. For example I have a set permanentLocation for postal, but also a currentLocation where I live.
  6. I thought we had something for this. Probably best to discuss this in an issue so the team can also check in.
  7. Display name is another good request. Same for url fields for various sections (we did that some time back, but maybe we missed education). Let's open issues for these and get this iterated on.
Really appreciate the feedback so far. \o/
Michael Grosser
@thomasdavis wanted to check in with you. Did you see the mail?
JP Hellemons
Hi, can someone help me out. I have found this 0.4 draft: https://github.com/resumic/schema/blob/master/schema.json which has certifications and I'd like to use it. I also want to add a birthdate and hometown field. Should I fork the schema then to add my own fields? Or how can I contribute the best to stick to one standard?
Rob Muhlestein
I would imagine it has been asked, but I will ask anyway. Is there any effort to create a YAML converter for those wishing to maintain their resumes in the much easier to maintain YAML format? If not, would such a PR even be entertained if created?
Syed Faraaz Ahmad
I am not able to open a theme for example http://themes.jsonresume.org/flat responds with an HTTP 522
Jahziel Villasana-Espinoza
hey all! is anyone actively maintaining this standard? I'm very interested in contributing where I can to keep this project going
John Paton
So I guess this project is abandoned by now?
Aditya Satalkar
as a community can we revive this and maintain it?
Chuck Schleutker
If you lurk @thomasdavis GitHub he's pushing stuff every once in awhile, I think many of the other maintainers/team-members have moved onto to other things
Philipp Kursawe
the other members moved to resumic
I read a claim at one point in the past no-one of them had write access to the repo and could not reach @thomasdavis and started resumic as a continuation. Why they decided to not simply continue the schema but instead wrote a complex (?) go programm to generate the schema is beyond me.