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Jan 2015
Ben Foxall
Jan 20 2015 11:51
yeah! We should totally get people in - seems like a good idea to have a logged instant chat thing (irc kind of went quiet). Awesome to have the GH integration too
oo o o - @spikeheap did you decide a day for #52? - Wednesday clashes with MKGN, and Thursday clashes with jQuizzy.
I guess we should work out before Thursday (@tomlane, are both of those days okay for you?)
Tom Lane
Jan 20 2015 13:30

@benfoxall I'm fine with both days but the Wednesday would work better for me if possible. But I mean if that week was too busy we could have a jquk 'hangover' event the week after maybe?

cough talk is still in early stages cough ... I'm sure I'll be changing slides on the train in...