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Mar 2016
Jan Blaha
Mar 28 2016 08:07
this particular option is not there, I'll add it. I'll review and finish the docs after rewriting studio to react, but this will take couple of weeks... I want to also improve UX of studio dramaticaly at once. It should behave more like an app than like web site, then it should nicely run in electron based desktop app. Currently evaluating react based rewrite of this component
BJR Matos
Mar 28 2016 15:42
this package seems like a good start
maybe just need to create multiples dock to archive the same layout that you want
of course the layout is more complex but react-dock has the base funcionality
Jan Blaha
Mar 28 2016 19:04
yes, I have seen this one as well, it is good start, but unfortunatelly it is more like a split pane than full dock. I'll be a bit longer way with both rewriting the dock spawn to react or extending react-dock, but the result will be worth it, I hope :)