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João Melo
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János Pásztor
Hey @lyncodev, not sure if you're watching Gitter, but in case: I realize I just dumped a lot of issues into Github, so I'd like to offer my help if I can.
João Melo
Hi @janoszen, sorry, just saw your message now (I'll be a lot more active around here now). Help is always welcome. There are a lot of things to be done, as you've been doing (taking the initiative) is great. We can also start to discuss what we think needs doing as next steps and make that visible to everyone.
János Pásztor
Woot woot, very cool!
Casey Brooks

@lyncodev I've set up Jtwig with a proof-of-concept site using Orchid to generate documentation for tags and functions here. Orchid replaces Javadoc and is integrated with the standard Gradle build (gradle assemble, you'll need to clean in-between builds currently). You can then view the site by starting any local HTTP server in build/docs/javadoc.

Internally, it uses the Javadoc tool's APIs to parse Javadoc comments and detect methods/fields/etc. just as you'd expect, but it then passes that data to Jtwig to render into the final output pages, which is a great way to demonstrate real-world usage of Jtwig. The theme is still pretty rough, and while it's still early in development now, the Orchid API is getting closer to being finished and there are several plugins we can add in if we want, such as static pages or a wiki (I've included the Wiki plugin in the Jtwig docs also).

In particular, I've set up one function, batch, with an example for how we could begin to embed documentation directly in the source code for this. You can see the comments embedded in org.jtwig.functions.impl.list.BatchFunction and how they relate to the page generated at /functions/list/Batch. We can do similar things for tags, expressions, or anything else.

Anyway, go ahead and check it all out and see if this is a tool you'd like to use for future Jtwig documentation. I'll be here if you have questions or want to discuss this further, or you can email me directly at

João Melo
Thanks Casey, yes I will.
János Pásztor
Sorry for being away so long folks, I had a few things come together. I'm still working on the compatibility test
Hello everyone. Can anybody explain where i can get 6.87.0.release jtwig from this issue jtwig/jtwig#367 . Thanks!